• Apple Users?

    From HusTler to All on Mon Nov 4 14:20:52 2019
    WOW.. No Apple users??

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  • From Kevin@GAMENET/MMN to HUSTLER on Sat Nov 23 07:56:00 2019
    On 04/11/2019 14:20, HUSTLER wrote to ALL:

    WOW.. No Apple users??

    I wouldn't say that, I have my old Performa still working, although I want to get my hands
    on some of the more retro versions, like the II (although I do have very fond memories of
    the B&W Classic too)
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  • From Derision@GAMENET/AMIGAC to HusTler on Mon Jan 13 22:31:26 2020
    Re: Apple Users?
    By: HusTler to All on Mon Nov 04 2019 14:20:52

    WOW.. No Apple users??

    I use a 2012 MacBook Pro as my daily driver, and I still have a Quicksilver PowerMac G4 that I can't seem to part with if I want to use any classic applications. But I'm not so much a fanatic of it (I'm typing this out on an Amiga 500, and the Mac isn't even on at the moment).

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