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    By: HusTler to All on Sat May 25 2019 07:31 pm

    Does anyone play Global War?

    I've been trying to play it on BBS Link but it seems like the game has issues with games always being in use even though no one else is playing...

    Wish they had fixed that bug even back in the day.. the game lock would not clear and the game would end up getting hosed..

    I'd love to find a place to play some global war.


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    what are door games im a new member

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    what are door games im a new member

    Door games are the games you can play on a BBS. If you are at the main
    menu on this system, you can choose option 'O' for 'Open a Door.' That
    will show several categories. Choosing '2' will show you games like Trade
    Wars and Galactic Dynasty. '3' should show you some role playing games
    like LORD (used to be very popular back in the day), LORD 2, For Honour, Legion, and the Beast's Domain.

    '5' has arcade and game show games like Jeopardized, Lemons, Star Trek, and even Minesweeper. '6' has a couple of dice games as well as a poker game. Choice '7' has maze and puzzle games. '8' has some strategy games, like
    Oregon Trail and Thirstyville.

    Next time you are on, try a few of them and see if you like them.

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