• RK2020 vs. Retroid Pocket 2

    From Minex@GAMENET/TDOD to All on Mon Nov 30 15:45:50 2020
    So another addition -- I FINALLY received my Retroid Pocket 2 (RP2) the other day. Good lord, is the screen crisp! Comparing the RK2020 screen to the RP2 is like night and day. The screen on the RK2020 is kind of old school. In fact, you can see the individual pictures and the colors seem a bit dull. The RP2 is much brighter and you cannot see the pixels. In fact, its about as good as any modern phone screen, I would say. Kind of a shame, really. I was really enjoying the RK2020.

    The biggest problem I have with the RP2 is RetroArch with PSP and N64 games.
    No PSP or N64 games seem to want to work within RetroArch. I have to run them from the standalone app, which really sucks. I like having one application that has access to all emulators and games. I hate switching back and forth between apps to get games working. So far, this looks like an issue with the PSP core. The logs give me this error: "Got an error after init: 00000500 (GL_INVALID_ENUM)".

    The RK2020, on the other hand, works flawlessly with RetroArch and every emulator I've thrown at it. GB, GBA, NES, SNES, PSP, N64, PS1, etc... all work in RetroArch.

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