• New Empire game just starting up!

    From Marisag@GAMENET/AMIGAC to All on Mon Nov 23 00:33:42 2020
    Hello all,

    I have been involved with Empire dating back to the late 80's and would like to introduce this great game to new players. Empire is a multiplayer strategy game that is played out over a period of months. If you want more info just go to https://EmpireDirectory.net and browse around.

    Updates twice a day! Markets, Easy Bridges, and Food enabled. Check out game settings below, and join the game at:

    HOST: empiredirectory.net
    PORT: 6665


    Wolfpack Empire 4.4.0-dirty

    The following parameters have been set for this game:

    World size is 128 by 128.
    There can be up to 99 countries.
    By default, countries use their own coordinate system.

    Use the 'show' command to find out the time of the next update.
    The current time is Sun Nov 22 15:09:30.
    An update consists of 60 empire time units.
    Each country is allowed to be logged in 1440 minutes a day.
    It takes 8.33 civilians to produce a BTU in one time unit.
    A non-aggi, 100 fertility sector can grow 0.12 food per ETU.
    1000 civilians will harvest 1.3 food per ETU.
    1000 civilians will give birth to 5.0 babies per ETU.
    1000 uncompensated workers will give birth to 2.5 babies.
    In one time unit, 1000 people eat 0.5 units of food.
    1000 babies eat 6.0 units of food becoming adults.

    Banks pay $250.00 in interest per 1000 gold bars per ETU.
    1000 civilians generate $8.33, uncompensated workers $1.78 each time unit.
    1000 active military cost $16.67, reserves cost $8.33.
    Up to 50 avail can roll over an update.
    Happiness p.e. requires 1 happy stroller per 10000 civilians.
    Education p.e. requires 1 class of graduates per 10000 civilians.
    Happiness is averaged over 48 time units.
    Education is averaged over 192 time units.
    The technology/research boost you get from the world is 50.00%.
    Nation levels (tech etc.) decline 1% every 0 time units.
    Tech buildup is limited to logarithmic growth (base 2.00) after 1.00.

    Sectors Ships Planes Units

    Maximum mobility 127 127 127 127
    Max mob gain per update 60 90 60 60
    Max eff gain per update -- 100 100 100
    Maintenance cost per update -- 6.0% 6.0% 6.0%
    Max interdiction range 8 8 -- 8

    The maximum amount of mobility used for land unit combat is 5.00.

    The tax you pay on selling things on the trading block is 1.0%.
    The tax you pay on buying commodities on the market is 0.0%.
    The amount of time to bid on commodities is 7200 seconds.
    The amount of time to bid on a unit is 7200 seconds.

    Fire ranges are scaled by 1.00.
    Flak damage is scaled by 1.75.
    Torpedo damage is 2d40+38.
    The attack factor for para & assault troops is 0.50.
    12% of fallout leaks into each surrounding sector.
    Fallout decays by 28% per update.

    Damage to Spills to
    Sector People Mater. Ships Planes LandU.
    Sector -- 100% 100% 0% 4% 30%
    People 10% -- -- -- -- --
    Materials 10% -- -- -- -- --
    Efficiency 10% -- -- -- -- --
    Ships 10% 100% 100% -- 0% 0%
    Planes 10% 0% 0% -- -- --
    Land units 10% 0% 100% -- 0% 0%

    You can have at most 640 BTUs.
    You are disconnected after 15 minutes of idle time.
    Visitors are disconnected after 5 minutes of idle time.

    Options enabled in this game:

    Options disabled in this game:

    See "info Options" for a detailed list of options and descriptions.


    The person to annoy if something goes wrong is:

    MarisaG <fstltna@yahoo.com>.
    You can get support for Empire at https://EmpireDirectory.net and I suggest you join our official Discord server at https://discord.gg/cyt3qJc



    You can get your own copy of the source from <http://www.wolfpackempire.com/> or our site at https://empiredirectory.net/index.php/new-downloads/category/14-server-software.
    Copyright (C) 1986-2017, Dave Pare, Jeff Bailey, Thomas Ruschak,
    Ken Stevens, Steve McClure, Markus Armbruster
    This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. __________________________________________________________________________

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