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    Here is why Epic Games Launcher is better than Steam by Omni

    Post from Reddit

    Tencent owns 40% of Epic games, making them a huge shareholder in the company. Tencent also happens to be the biggest video game company on the planet. In other
    words, I'm confident that we're perfectly safe giving our information to a launcher that
    feeds user info to the Chinese government.

    It is developer and publisher friendly since it gives more of a cut to the devs (Epic's 12%
    vs Steam's 30% cut). Just ignore the fact that Valve said that it would lower its usual 30
    percent take to 25 percent for any game's earnings beyond $10 million (including "game
    packages, DLC, in-game sales, and Community Marketplace game fees"). Or the fact
    that the platform fee reduces further to 20 percent for earnings that surpass $50 million.
    In other words, it would only be an 8% difference in profit (And Steam would outsell
    Epic anyway so it would end up as more profit for the devs and publishers). Just ignore
    all that.

    Exclusivity is the same as competition, obviously. Letting Metro Exodus sell in multiple
    stores would be terrible since Epic Games is obviously the superior breed. It would only
    humiliate everyone else. Steam has been a reliable, well populated, and established
    distribution platform for too long. Don�t you want to split up that obnoxiously large game
    library into separate launchers? Just download Epic Games Launcher, and you can play a
    whole 20+ games! WOW! Plus its got like� 4 exclusives or something. AND F0RTN1T3!@#$

    Epic Games launcher has amazing benefits to users. 80 million accounts were compromised due to a security �flaw� that allowed hackers to log into accounts without
    needing a password! This means you get FREE EXPOSURE ONLINE. Get ready to become
    rich and famous! If you don�t want the free exposure (But why?) just contact
    service. They will get back to you in a measly 5 months or so.

    Feature-wise, yes, Steam might have some (tiny) advantages. But it�s nothing
    really. Epic Games Launcher is only missing a few things like cloud saves, user profiles,
    user reviews, friend activity, forums, mod distribution, groups, item trading, library
    sorting, account sharing, streaming to other devices, broadcasting, screenshot capture/sharing, controller support, user-created guides, wish lists, automatic refunds,
    achievements, anti-cheat support, 3rd party keys, etc.

    Other than that stuff, it�s pretty much Steam but better.

    6. You can�t play games offline on Epic Games Launcher! I mean, why would you want to
    anyway? It�s not like offline games are worth playing anyway unless you�re
    online. I�m
    confident Metro Exodus will be vastly more fun when you�re online vs offline.

    7. Their refund policy is EXACTLY like Steam. Except it�s not automatic, you
    have to go
    on a browser and go to their website, contact customer support, and wait 5 months. Oh,
    and they can refuse refunds even if you meet the criteria.

    Conclusion: I hope I shed some light on why Epic Games Launcher is a superior, feature-
    rich, and a totally-not-anti-consumer launcher.

    source: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcgaming/comments/am18zn/here_is_why_epic_ games_laun cher_is_better_than/
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    On 01 Feb 2019, MATTHEW MUNSON said the following...
    Conclusion: I hope I shed some light on why Epic Games Launcher is a superior, feature-
    rich, and a totally-not-anti-consumer launcher.

    I love this post! And I completely agree. I have come to the point in my life that I absolutely HATE the convenience I get while using Steam. It's like hello?! Gabe! Can we please cut it out with the superior launcher crap?

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