• Re: [media] Jesse Smith is put off by Ubuntu Gnome's poor performance

    From chovy@chovy@pm.me to alt.os.linux.ubuntu on Thu Jan 14 00:26:38 2021
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    On 12/7/20 11:05 AM, Mike Easter wrote:

     - I've been saying lately 'I don't like Gnome'
     - maybe it is all Ubuntu's fault
     - I find gnome 'bulky', like it is dragging dead-weight
     - Jesse Smith has observed good performance in Ub spins, but not Ub
     - this week's DW feature he reviewed Pop Ub gnome and compared w/ Ub gnome and found Ub...

    most of the community editions ran faster, smoother, and required less
    memory than Ubuntu's Desktop edition.

    The big difference though during my trial was that Pop!_OS does
    everything noticeably faster than Ubuntu, even when run on the same
    hardware with the same filesystem. The two are not even close in
    performance when opening programs, moving windows around the desktop,
    opening menus, dragging icons around. Pop consistently ran circles
    around Ubuntu despite both distributions running the GNOME 3.38 desktop.


    I have been comparing various KDE distro/s w/ each other, but since I
    don't like Gnome, I have avoided comparing Gnome/s.  In a very limited comparison, I found that generally speaking across distro/s, Gnome uses
    a lot of ram to the live desktop, while KDE's use usually compares
    favorably w/ that of XFCE's.  Except in Fedora spin.

    I just switched from ubuntu to manjaro with kde. loving it.

    - chovy
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    chovy wrote:
    I just switched from ubuntu to manjaro with kde. loving it.

    Mjo's KDE is VERY popular w/ mjo people. Tho' XFCE is the mjo
    'flagship', its KDE is the more 'popular' (by some metric unknown to me,
    maybe dl/s). And of course mjo is high on the DW page hit list, second
    only to MX; for whatever that metric is supposed to mean.

    I like the Neon KDE better than Kubuntu.

    Mike Easter
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