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    Reader and typers,

    I give you a great example of how a troll posts, There, there BBB you
    don't need to do this to be given attention! I am sure you have some
    good points that need development and support.

    Oh but my good points rotted away and were spoiled in the long years...

    bliss-“Nearly any fool can use a GNU/Linux computer. Many do.” After all here I am...

    On 4/26/21 5:14 AM, Big Bad Bob wrote:
    On 2021-04-23 15:03, Bud Frede wrote:
    Big Bad Bob <BigBadBob-at-mrp3-dot-com@testing.local> writes:

    Airplane radars even interfere with 2.4Ghz.  Are you near an airport?


    The only thing you can do about 2.4Ghz interference is "big buffers"
    and cross your fingers.  Otherwise, ethernet.

    Big buffers? What?

    Shh...  the adults [those with real engeering experience] are talking

    Then again... hey look - HE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND!!!  Would you like me to draw the lines from A to B to C so that your puny mind can comprehend???

    Did you even read the original post about watching video over wifi?

    over a decade ago I was involved in doing research on improving the
    quality of streaming HD video over wifi.  So I have a pretty good grip
    on the things you have to deal with when it comes to RF interference,
    especially on the 2.4Ghz band.

    Yeah, sure you were. A big "scientist" no doubt.

    Troll off, bug.  Or creep off. whatever.

    My name is actually on a provisional patent from around 2008 regarding
    this very thing, a method by which wifi packet reliability for UDP can
    be improved for transmitting video.  You can research the patent.  Or not.  Up to you.

    I bet you went to one of those "schools" where they didn't want to hurt
    your self esteem so they went ahead and let you SPOUT PURE BULLSHIT and
    then patted you on the back for "participating".

    Johnny just said one and one is three.  We can't hurt his FEELINGS and
    tell him he's wrong.  It's ok Johnny, just believe it's three, and
    you're a good boy and shouldn't ever get discouraged...

    Something like THAT, right?

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