• unable to access Win 7 PC via RDP through Remmina

    From Doug B@bostwD@net.com to alt.os.linux.ubuntu on Sun May 30 19:00:55 2021
    From Newsgroup: alt.os.linux.ubuntu

    I am trying to use my Ubuntu 18.04 laptop to access my Win 7 desktop,
    but all I keep getting is this message:

    Unable to connect to RDP server

    I have checked and double checked all of the settings in Remmina, but to
    no avail. Both computers seem to connect to the router that is used as
    the bridge between them, but beyond that, no access on the Win PC.

    The Win 7 PC is Win 7 SP1. It did not have any updates, but I used the cumulative update pack (around 500 MB) to get it as updated as possible.

    One thing that I don't have on Win is anything beyond the first screen
    shot at this link:


    I am using Win 7 Home. There should be some more advanced settings
    available for remote desktop. On down that page, there are details for downloading five or so files from Microsoft to get the additional
    functions, but I had hoped this wouldn't be necessary.

    I have tried enabling file sharing in Win 7 to the best of my ability.

    Any ideas for facilitating a successful connection would be more than
    welcome and thanks in advance.
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  • From Doug B@bostwD@net.com to alt.os.linux.ubuntu on Mon May 31 01:22:39 2021
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    Ok, managed to get Remmina going, but had to update Win from "home" to 7
    "pro" to get the networking features needed. Only issue remaining is
    that I can't seem to transfer the sound and hear it on the Ubuntu
    laptop. I have enabled sound sharing in Win and tried all of the sound settings in Remmina but to no avail. Once again this is 18.04.
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