• WATCH: Ted Cruz SCORCHES Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over NY Post Hunter Biden censorship

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    Senator Ted Cruz just unleashed on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over his
    company’s censorship of the New York Post article on Hunter Biden and
    the fact that the New York Post is still blocked from posting to this


    The grilling begins at 1:16 in the video above so you can save yourself
    a little time by skipping to that point.

    But Cruz doesn’t hold back in accusing Twitter of partisan censorship
    of the NY Post over the Hunter Biden story.

    Cruz starts by asking Dorsey if he believes Twitter can influence
    elections, and Dorsey claims Twitter has no influence over elections
    because people can choose what platforms on which they want to
    communicate. In utter disbelief, Cruz responded “I find your opening
    answer absurd on its face.”

    Cruz then hits Dorsey for their attack on the New York Post over the
    Hunter Biden story, asking why they are still being blocked to this day
    for their original post. Dorsey claims they can become unblocked if
    they would simply delete their original story, which fell under their
    original enforcement action. He said they could then tweet the same
    story and it would be fine.

    But that’s also absurd on its face. Dorsey testified that blocking URLs
    was a mistake and that they’ve since changed their hacked material’s
    policy. So if they changed their policies, then why can’t they simply
    undo their original enforcement action? Why does the New York Post have
    to still delete their tweet when they effectively did nothing wrong.
    Why are they still punishing the New York Post?

    Ted Cruz responds to Dorsey’s answer with fire, saying “so media
    outlets must genuflect and obey your dictates if they wish to be able
    to communicate with readers.”

    The grilling continues, but Cruz ended by asking Dorsey point blank
    “who the hell elected you and why are you using your company as a
    Democrat Super Pac??”

    Democrats and the liberal media hate President Trump more than they
    love this country.

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