• COVID Prohibitions Should All Be Based On Employee And ConsumerProtections

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    COVID prohibitions should all be based on the principles of Employee and Consumer
    protections. Firefighters have to put their lives in danger. The general principle of employment law is the work ought not be unnecessarily dangerous, painful, injurious, or unsanitary. If people had money so they didn't have to work, perhaps you could let them make their own decisions. As they have to work
    or die, you have to stop them from being criminally exploited. The other side of
    that coin is taking their job away, which means you have to provide them an education and ability to find new employment.

    As for Consumers: Advisement, Marketing, Advertising, and Product Labeling should
    be required and regulated. Prohibition has no place for Consumers!

    Any COVID plan has to be sustainable now. COVID may be in here in 3 years or more. There may never be a vaccine.

    They're saying there's a vaccine right around the corner; they could be saying that in three years.

    Or does your intuition tell you there's truly a vaccine coming?

    Church or no Church you have a right to congregate in a group. You have a right
    to have a wedding, you have a right to have a funeral. Consumer advisements, and
    employee advisements and prohibitions+, notwithstanding.

    You have a right to make a new friend, and hug and more, regardless of the Government's orders. How would you meet a Spouse?

    Dine-In Restaurants are an unnecessary and insane luxury. Waiters and busboys do
    not produce Equity. They provide a non-essential, non productive, service for other's ENTERTAINMENT!

    COVID is not going away without a vaccine. Get a clue! Just like in March, one
    case will spread to millions as soon as you open again! Whatever plans you have,
    have to be sustainable! Whenever you speak, tiny little specks of spit come out
    of your mouth. If you don't have a mask, you are spitting in someone's face. People eating dinner are spitting in one another's face!

    480,000 die to cigarettes every year. You don't hear them talking about how we
    must reduce cigarettes deaths.

    The stupidest thing, would be to be in a room, with someone you're not going to
    talk to, for non-essential activities. Just like the stupidest thing would be to
    chain smoke daily.

    COVID is still a huge threat.

    Dine-In restauranting is for wackjobs. This includes several Governors who want
    to crackdown.

    You should only be having intimate parties with your close friends.

    You have every right to socialize in this country, and on earth, as a matter of
    fact and truth, but you should do that, at your own discretion.

    You know, like smoking kills. It kills 480,000 per year. That's 1,315 per day.
    But the COVID numbers are only so low because of the social distancing, and because of the personal protective equipment, and because of the shut downs and
    temperance of commerce. Making people panic and take precautions is a good thing,
    but the economy is all important, and preeminent.

    1,041 Americans died to COVID on Friday. Yet that number can easily go higher if
    we're not taking precautions.

    That is 1,041 too many, and those people didn't choose to smoke. Maybe they didn't choose to protect themselves against COVID either. You don't have a right
    to violate someone's personal space, but you do have a right to hug someone who
    wants to hug you. You don't have to do so.

    The Government does not own you. These police, these governments, we demand they
    go to jail, if they persist in these illegal activities. They do not have a right

    Church is not commerce, and the government has no rights, nor authority, over non-commercial activities; that do not violate others.

    You have a right to action.

    You have a right to drive dangerously on private property, if not violating others. Any infringements to the contrary are against the law, and are a crime,
    hereby declared.

    You do not have a right to violate social distancing nor mask wearing towards those who are not willfully wanting you to come near them, nor not wear a mask around them.

    If the store says you must wear a mask, you would be trespassing not to do so. The
    government can require the store to require consumers to wear masks. The government cannot require you to wear a mask, unless you are coming within a distance of someone who does not want you to. The government does not have a right to hold your dick for you. Prohibition of drugs is a crime. Our right to
    action is truth. Prohibitions of possession hang on the notion that there is no
    right to possess property, and this is an abject LIE.

    You have a right to possess property. You don't have a right to larceny - that
    is, intent to deprive another of stolen property. Hence you do not have a right
    to knowingly possess stolen property. Current statutes are supposed to be based
    on such common law, legal principles. Not on malarkey.

    The above is the dictates of logic and reason to the law, as far as I can see. Any
    lies by any governments to the contrary notwithstanding. The law should be clear
    and simple and comprehensible, both in its existence, and in its reasons.

    Do children belong to society, and not to their parents alone? That ageism is a
    crime, and children are sovereign agents, probably ought to have been recognized
    long ago. Are we going to recognize it immediately?

    Do children have a right to go to an unregulated Church? Are they wilful participants? Do they have the intelligence to make a choice about something more
    serious than sex, which could take their lives? Are they wards of the State, and
    not of their parents alone? Are they sovereigns, free to take action, without their parents, and neither dependent financially, nor beholden to them?

    Can you take your kids to the chain smoking Church, where the air is filled thick
    with smoke, multiple times per week?

    This world, this government, makes the sadism sadder. The government's hired to
    help us, not to fuck us up. But fuck us up, is all it does.

    COVID exemplifies the hardships of poverty

    Socialism has merit in the first place - in times of trouble, it becomes all the
    more pertinent.

    We have to figure correctly how to spend the wealth of our nation.

    With low interest rates, and low inflation, there is money to print and spend. The
    National Debt number, makes no difference if the Fed is willing to buy the bonds
    and increase inflation and the interest rate; but the more we analyze and think,
    the more money we make. Spending the wealth of the nation correctly is always imperative.
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