• VIDEO FLASHBACK: The Media Saw Voter Fraud Everywhere 20 Years Ago

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    After the 2000 Presidential election, TV journalists indulged losing
    candidate Al Gore’s protracted attempts to overturn the election,
    treating his lawsuits and requested recounts with great respect. Yet
    the same media today are exasperated by President Trump’s refusal to
    concede. Pundits incuriously dismiss the Trump campaign’s lawsuits as “frivolous” and the recounts as “pointless,” meanwhile demanding that
    the President “face reality” and stop being a “sore loser.”

    While today’s media have made a habit of sternly lecturing viewers that
    there is “no evidence” of any election fraud, back in 2000 they were
    the ones most loudly championing such allegations. On the November 28
    edition of CBS Evening News, host Dan Rather argued: “Some say, listen,
    is the fix in in Florida?”

    Another CBS News report referred to “voting offices resembling crime
    scenes.” Similar allegations were also raised on NBC and ABC, where
    reporters routinely referenced both general and specific allegations of “voting irregularities.”

    Meanwhile, future Good Morning America co-anchor George Stephanopoulos
    had already called the race for Gore: “There is no question, or very
    little question, that Al Gore won the votes cast in the state of
    Florida. The question is, will he win the votes counted?”

    Twenty years after the fact, it’s difficult to imagine our media even entertaining the idea that something improper might have happened in a Presidential election. To see just how sharply the media have reversed
    their collective stance on potential election improprieties, watch the
    video below:

    https://www.mrctv.org/videos/flashback-media-saw-evidence-voter-fraud- everywhere-20-years-ago

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