• Re: Our Overlords Are Using The 'Big Lie Technique' To Convince Us Masks Work

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    Leroy N. Soetoro wrote

    Follow Scott on Twitter @SKMorefield, Parler @smorefield, and Facebook. Also, be sure to follow Scott's COVID 'Team Reality' Twitter list, 165
    (and counting) doctors, medical professionals, analysts, data hounds,
    media, and politicians unafraid to tell the truth about COVID-19.

    Scott Morefield is a reporter for The Daily Caller and a weekly columnist at Townhall. His bylines can also be found on TheBlaze, The Hill, WND,
    Breitbart, National Review, The Federalist, American Greatness, and many
    other sites.

    That makes him smarter than Dr. Fauci and everybody who went to school.

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