• Drudge Still Sinking, Sends Bizarre Celebratory Tweet

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    The Drudge Report continues to sink in traffic rankings, with the scarcely-used verified Matt Drudge Twitter account seemingly
    celebrating receiving only two-thirds of the traffic the anti-Trump
    site received as far back as 2012.

    Eight years ago, the Drudge Report celebrated “over a billion” page views.

    That number, according to Matt Drudge’s own tweet, is now under 700 million.

    The site changed editorial tone over the past four years, stabbing
    President Trump in the back and being competed against by more
    patriotic alternatives such as Citizen Free Press, The Bongino Report, Revolver, Populist.Press, Bannon’s WarRoom, The Liberty Daily, and

    Celebrating in 2012, Drudge and his public relations team crowed:

    The Drudge Report, the pioneering muck-raking blog published
    by Matt Drudge, has hit an important Internet publishing
    milestone: surpassing 1 billion monthly page views, according
    to Intermarkets Inc., which represents ad sales for the Drudge

    Today, Drudge tweeted, “Thanks a billion! Well, almost…”


    Speculation recently arose as to whether or not Matt Drudge even sold
    the website, but numerous sources have confirmed to The National Pulse
    that Matt Drudge still controls the editorial position of the now
    anti-Trump site.

    Meanwhile, websites like Citizen Free Press continue to grow, raking
    in a whopping 88 million hits on the month – a milestone achievement
    for a recently developed alternative.

    According to web traffic site SimilarWeb, Drudge lost market share in
    the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. He rose
    in New Zealand.


    Total visits to Drudge appear to have shrank, even on the previous month.


    Drudge’s global rank has fallen, so has his U.S. country rank, and his category rank in the News and Media section.


    Joe Biden went from stealing someone’s wife, to stealing speeches, to
    stealing money, to stealing an election.

    He has really grown as a politician.

    -- Michael Moore

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