• Wisconsin mulatto woman sprayed with lighter fluid, burned by lighter in suspected hate crime: police

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    MADISON, Wis. — An 18-year-old biracial woman was burned with
    lighter fluid in an assault in Madison, Wisconsin, early
    Wednesday, according to a police report.

    The woman, identified by news site Madison 365 as local EMT
    Althea Bernstein, was stopped at a red light at about 1 a.m.
    Wednesday when she was attacked by what she told police were
    four white men.

    According to a report from Madison police, Bernstein heard
    someone yell a racial epithet at her. Through her open driver's
    window, one of the men then used a spray bottle to put a liquid
    on her face and neck — and threw a flaming lighter at her,
    causing the liquid to ignite.

    Bernstein told police that she patted out the flames and drove
    home. Her mother encouraged her to go to the hospital, where
    staff said they believed the liquid to be lighter fluid.

    Bernstein was treated for burns and will need additional medical


    An 18 y/o black woman was SET ON FIRE yesterday by 4 WHITE MEN
    who approached her car at a stoplight screaming racial slurs at
    her before throwing lighter fluid and a match in her face.

    She suffers from THIRD DEGREE BURNS to her body.


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    A call by The Associated Press to Bernstein's home was referred
    to Michael Johnson, president of the Boys and Girls Clubs of
    Dane County. Johnson released a statement from Bernstein's
    family that said they were “saddened at what happened to Althea
    and the unprovoked attack on her body. At this time, our family
    is asking everyone to respect our privacy as Althea is
    recovering from the burns on her face and neck.”

    The incident came just hours after protesters smashed windows
    and tore down two statues at the Wisconsin State Capitol. The
    same night, Democratic state Sen. Tim Carpenter was assaulted
    after filming the protesters.

    Police did not say whether the attack on Bernstein was linked to
    the protests or outside agitators, but Bernstein told Madison
    365 that two of the men involved were wearing "jeans and a
    floral shirt."

    Members of the far-right movement known as the Boogaloo are
    known for wearing Hawaiian shirts. The group's intentions are
    unclear, with some members seemingly determined to protect
    protesters and others hoping to provoke violence.

    Police said they were investigating the assault as a hate crime.

    Bernstein did not respond to a request by the Milwaukee Journal
    Sentinel for an interview Thursday.

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