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    On 12/15/20 2:26 PM, Leroy N. Soetoro wrote:

    Twitter on Saturday briefly took new action to stem the spread of
    President Donald Trump's false tweets about his loss in the 2020 election. >>

    As part of its effort to combat misinformation and disinformation on the
    platform ahead of the election, Twitter earlier this year limited users'
    ability to retweet posts, adding "extra friction" in encouraging them to
    comment rather than sharing them without context.

    Despite Trump's flouting of Twitter policies throughout his tenure as
    president, the company has long said it allowed his account to remain
    without suspension or termination because his posts were deemed newsworthy >> and of public interest despite their violation of the Twitter rules.

    Earlier this year, Twitter began fact-checking some of Trump's posts,
    sparking anger and executive action from the president, who alleged that
    social-media companies were biased against conservatives. In May, Twitter
    had hidden a tweet from the president behind a warning stating it
    glorified violence, though the company allowed the tweet to remain on the

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    Lawsuits should be filed. Where was Bob Barr?

    Asleep at the switch...whatja think, Beamer?!


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