• Washington Post edits Kamala Harris profile to remove joke mocking prisoners

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    In 2019, the Washington Post published an article detailing then-
    presidential candidate Kamala Harris's relationship with her sister in
    a biographical piece.

    The beginning of the piece was unflattering, however, detailing a
    conversation between Harris and her sister where Harris compares the
    being on the campaign trail to a prisoner begging for a sip of water, a concept which she laughed at.

    Now, Reason reports that the biographical piece has been edited to
    include a new anecdote, one that does not reflect so well on the Vice President.

    In the original version of the story, Kamala Harris is said to have
    laughed "like an old British man locked in a Dickensian jail cell," as
    she imitated a prisoner begging for water.

    "And water! I just want wahtahhh," Harris had joked.

    The new version has replaced this anecdote from Harris with a
    comparison of her relationship with her sister to the relationship of President John F. Kennedy with his brother Robert.

    According to the Washington Post, "we repurposed and updated some of
    our strong biographical pieces about both" President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris after the inauguration.

    "The profile of Maya Harris was updated with new reporting, as noted
    online, using the existing URL," they said. "The original story remains available in print."

    State media: "We repurposed and updated our piece on dear

    The Post, however, did not include any other examples of biographical
    pieces that have been updated in a similar manner.

    The change signifies a change of tone surrounding media coverage of
    Kamala Harris.

    During her presidential primary campaign, Harris's campaign saw a steep decline in support following a debate spat with Tulsi Gabbard where
    Gabbard criticized out Harris's record as a prosecutor, a criticism
    which resonated with Democrats concerned about law enforcement and
    prison reform.

    Harris eventually dropped out of the race as exposure to her
    controversial record as a prosecutor proved hard to recover from. Her ambitions were reignited, however, after being chosen by Joe Biden as
    his running mate in the 2020 election, having promised to pick a woman
    of colour.

    Trump won.

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