• Re: [No ethics...] Nancy Pelosi's Husband Bought Stock Options in Apple, Tesla, and Disney

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    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently disclosed securities transactions made in December by her husband Paul Pelosi, a businessman and private

    And? Unless Nancy Pelosi has access to relevant information not
    known to the public, this is nothing.

    These kind of records are kept for future use. We don't yet know
    what she knows. She might know nothing rest of us also don't
    know, so no insider trading. Or it might be revealed in the
    future she now has insider information.

    We won't know for some time to come. So for now, nothing. Well,
    nothing except you're defaming her without evidence, monkey boy.

    And you're still a hypocrite.

    Other people than legislators file these kinds of statements. Not
    because they're breaking any law as far as we know at the current
    time. But if in the future they are revealed as having insider
    information, that can be compared to such statements to decide in
    the future whether to prosecute.

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