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    It is an article of faith for many Americans that the Donald
    Trump years were an aberration and that Joe Biden will usher in
    something close to normalcy. I’ll take the other side of that

    I believe the coming years are going to be at least as
    tumultuous as the Trump presidency. Although Biden will not
    directly cause that tumult, his weakness as a leader, of his own
    party and the nation, will help fuel discord and make it
    impossible for him to forge anything resembling normalcy.

    Most of those who think Biden can wave a magic wand blame Trump
    alone for the deep polarization gripping America. They’re wrong
    — Trump was elected precisely because the country already was
    deeply polarized.

    Moreover, while Trump’s personality is highly unorthodox, to say
    the least, he did not single-handedly set in motion the
    dangerous levels of strife engulfing our nation. His successful
    policies on immigration, taxes and the Mideast were fairly
    conventional by Republican standards.

    Instead, the unrest and growing use of violence to achieve
    political ends are outgrowths of the extreme resistance movement
    against Trump. He ran as a disrupter, but was a piker compared
    to those who hated him and were willing to smash every social,
    political and legal norm to drive him from office.

    That resistance was started by Hillary Clinton and holdouts from
    the 2016 election and spread to Democrats in Congress,
    especially Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Their refusal to
    treat Trump as a legitimate president and worthy of their
    cooperation marks them as early victims of Trump Derangement

    They incited and fanned the flames of the Russia collusion scam
    and used it, with the help of J. Edgar Comey and other crooked
    players in the FBI and intelligence agencies, to sabotage the

    The bid to overturn the 2016 election was the first pandemic to
    strike America, and the contagion sickened mayors and governors
    in blue states, the mainstream media, Hollywood, academia, the
    courts and much of the sports and entertainment world.

    The anything-goes madness made it acceptable in many quarters to
    declare that the president deserved to be assassinated.

    The final industry to put its full force against him, the social-
    media giants, used their monopolies not just to restrict but
    ultimately to silence the president of the United States. It’s
    as if Facebook, Twitter, Google and Apple stamped the word
    “cancel” on the White House.

    The tech blackout, while largely a response to the Capitol
    invasion, was the capstone of four years in which unwritten
    codes of conduct were broken and traditions shattered. The
    players were different, but the central explanation was always
    the same: Trump is dangerous, this time is different, we have no

    Trump certainly made his share of mistakes, especially during
    the post-election period, but the most provocative thing he did
    was refuse to surrender. For four years, each time he punched
    back, the would-be destroyers escalated their attacks, which
    were amplified by a media chorus. The New York Times, Washington
    Post, broadcast networks and CNN and MSNBC were on a mission to
    destroy him.

    The claim that Trump’s conduct demanded an extraordinary effort
    against him is a convenient excuse. The truth is that elite
    institutions, businesses, unions and others aligned with
    Democrats made the choice that getting rid of Trump was more
    important than anything else.

    Trump didn’t break those institutions and cause half the country
    to distrust them. The people running them did that.

    There is lots of talk these days about the “big lie,” but
    perhaps the biggest is that America would return to normal when
    Trump was out of the way. He will be gone Wednesday at noon, but
    normalcy is nowhere to be seen.

    Look at Washington, turned into a garrison town of fences,
    barbed wire and armed soldiers patrolling the streets. Is this a
    normal inauguration?

    The visible response to the storming of Congress mirrors the
    rhetoric coming from Pelosi, who rushed a meaningless
    impeachment of Trump in just one day.

    Before Pelosi, in the entire history of the United States,
    presidential impeachment was used only twice. She doubled that
    total in the last 13 months. Trump is her white whale.

    If the departure of Trump could cure what ails America, we
    should be seeing signs of it already. But the victory has only
    stoked the anger of those who never accepted him as president.

    Revenge is in the air, as members of Congress and far-left
    activists demand that airlines, hotels, publishing houses and
    other businesses shun Trump supporters. Some firms are complying
    in a craven bid to curry favor that smacks of banana republics
    where the vanquished are hounded and punished for daring to

    In a move straight out of George Orwell, Dems and the media have
    twisted the plain meaning of words. “Violence” is speech when
    committed by Black Lives Matter, and “speech” is violence when
    it comes from Trumpers.

    Political opposition from Republican members of Congress is
    deemed “sedition” and 74 million Trump voters are blithely
    smeared as white supremacists.

    One so-called journalist at ABC News said America needs a
    “cleansing” of the Trump influence. The Times bemoaned the
    “mindset” of those who still support the president while others
    talk of “deprogramming” them. Comparisons of Trump to Hitler,
    Nazis and even 9/11 terrorists are so routine they no longer

    Unfortunately, this radical talk is accompanied by equally
    radical plans. The Dems aim to use the coronavirus and the riot
    as Trojan horses to expand government power and shrink
    individual freedoms in a push toward socialism. Election
    safeguards are being permanently dismantled.

    To underscore the sweeping nature of what is coming, Rep. Ayanna
    Pressley, a member of “The Squad,” tweeted Thursday that “There
    will be no reset button. No return to normal. The status quo was
    unjust in the first place.”

    Will Biden stop the madness? Can he?

    Our hopes for America hang by a very slender thread.

    They’re off and runnin’
    In The New Yorker, Eric Lach reports that, according to the
    city’s Campaign Finance Board, “more than 35 people have filed
    paperwork to run” for mayor.

    Lach cites various explanations for why the field is so large,
    but I think the answer is obvious. Lots of people see what a
    lousy job Mayor de Blasio has done and conclude they could do

    Most of them are right!

    The sounds of silencing
    Reader Ronald Meltzer, in the midst of the wave of censoring and
    demonizing, sees a hidden message, writing: “I would submit to
    you that the fact that it is now illegal to discuss election
    fraud is proof there was election fraud.”

    Does not compute
    Make up my mind.

    Headline #1: Scientists conclude there is no way to control
    super-intelligent machines.

    Headline #2: Why AI is nothing to fear.

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    On 2021-01-30 11:58 p.m., Bradley K. Sherman wrote:
    It is an article of faith for many Americans that the Donald
    Trump years were an aberration and that Joe Biden will usher in
    something close to normalcy. I’ll take the other side of that

    Pure horseshit, exactly what we expect from The NY Post. All one has to
    do is follow the timeline from Trump announced he was running for
    president until the present day. It is trivially easy to see that he is
    the author of every bit of criticism and resistance he received. It
    wasn't his opponents violating norms and traditions, it was HIM. Trump's opponents by opposing him were upholding the very traditions, norms and pillars of government that hold this country together.

    Yes the country was divided before Trump came along, but like no other
    leader he emboldened violent forces on the right that have remained
    mostly in the shadows for decades. Now they have life in the sunlight,
    and a toehold in Congress. It's a fucking mess and Trump did it. And
    he's still at it.
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