• Ben Shapiro: This is not normal - Joe Biden may be relatively normal, but this is all strange

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    For four years, we were informed by our establishment media that
    President Donald Trump’s behavior was “not normal.” The abnormality of
    Mr. Trump’s behavior became a near rallying cry for the self-appointed
    heroes of journalism, who spent every waking hour poring over his
    bizarre tweets and his bloviating self-absorption. The media dedicated themselves to preventing Mr. Trump’s supposed normalization.

    Now, the media inform us, we have been graced by the most-normal normal
    person to have ever normalled: President Joe Biden. Mr. Biden, they
    proclaim, is utterly boring, nondescript, barely worthy of coverage.
    His administration, too, is paradigmatically normal. Yascha Mounk of
    The Atlantic tweets, “It is so nice to have a boring President.”
    Alleged media watchdog Brian Stelter asked this week whether Mr. Biden
    is “making the news boring again,” adding, “The Biden White House is
    clearly a break from the chaos and incompetence of Trump world.”

    For his part, Mr. Biden obviously revels in this sort of coverage. This
    week, his favorite ice cream flavor (chocolate chip) was tweeted out as
    well as a retweet of first lady Jill Biden’s announcement that Champ
    and Major, the new first pets, had entered the White House.

    On a personal level, Mr. Biden is clearly more “normal” than Mr. Trump
    — although treating Mr. Biden, a career politician worth nearly $10
    million, as the height of normality is rather stunning. The goal for
    the establishment media isn’t to point out merely that Mr. Biden is a
    sort of American Everyman. It’s to use that supposed normalcy to
    disguise the fact that his agenda is absolutely abnormal.

    The dirty little secret of the Trump administration is that despite Mr. Trump’s personal abnormality, his agenda was well in line with past
    precedent, and with mainstream American opinions on everything from
    taxes to military policy. Mr. Trump did not radically shift American
    policy. Mr. Biden will.

    Within the first five days of his presidency, he issued 30 executive
    orders, compared with four for Mr. Trump, five for Barack Obama and
    zero for George W. Bush. Those executive orders included endorsement of radical reinterpretation of American history; killing the Keystone XL pipeline, along with its attendant estimated 11,000 American jobs;
    forcing the military to allow troops to undergo gender reassignment
    surgery; and forcing federally funded institutions to allow biological
    men who identify as transgender to compete alongside biological women,
    among others. He is reportedly pursuing an immigration plan directed
    toward reopening America’s borders. He has staffed his Cabinet by intersectional box-checking.

    Mr. Biden’s policy is indeed radical. But because Mr. Biden is
    presented as a normal person, we’re supposed to ignore all of that.
    We’re supposed to simply be grateful for the “return to normalcy” —
    complete with caving to the teachers unions that seek to keep schools
    closed indeterminately, reentering a long-dead deal with the Iranian theocracy, firing government staffers with whom he disagrees and lying
    openly about the vaccine distribution plan he inherited.

    Meanwhile, our media pat themselves on the back. It’s rare to see a
    profession declare itself irrelevant, but that’s what many in the media
    are doing these days. According to Stelter, it’s “refreshing” that Mr.
    Biden’s team promises accountability and transparency. According to
    Margaret Sullivan of The Washington Post, the media must learn their
    lesson from the Trump era and cover Democrats more sycophantically.

    Joe Biden may be a relatively normal guy. But none of this is normal.
    And pretending it is represents just another way for the media to
    reject legitimate criticisms of an administration seeking radicalism
    right off the bat.

    Ben Shapiro is the editor emeritus of DailyWire.com. He wrote this for Creators Syndicate.

    Trump won.

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