• Re: Leftists have no right to censure Nazi analogies after four yearsof making them

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    On 2021-02-17 6:31 p.m., Leroy N. Soetoro wrote:
    the American left has spent much of the past four years
    hysterically comparing former President Donald Trump, whose daughter is an Orthodox Jew and who is likely the most aggressively pro-Jewish president
    in American history, to Adolf Hitler

    The similarities between Trump and Hitler are many. The fact that Hitler
    used Jews in his campaign of demagoguery and Trump uses Hispanics and
    blacks is neither here nor there. Both leaders used similar inflammatory rhetoric to fire up their supporters. Both leaders made use of constant
    lying to prop up their agendas. Both leaders demanded absolute loyalty
    from top lieutenants. Both leaders cultivated hate groups to act as tips
    of the spear. The list goes on.
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