• CNN bitch boy Jim Acosta won't address Cuomo sexual harassment claims

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    CNN reporter Jim Acosta on Friday appeared unwilling to address sexual harassment claims against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo when asked by The Federalistís Davis Marcus to comment on them.

    It comes as CNN continues to face a credibility crisis over an
    unprecedented push to downplay and deflect from the Democrat's
    controversies, with the far-left network giving its developments little to
    no airtime -- and giving Chris Cuomo free rein to conduct friendly,
    comical interviews with the scandal-plagued governor.

    A video shared on Twitter shows Marcus barging into an interview Acosta
    was conducting at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

    Marcus can be heard asking Acosta why his network is more interested in covering Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, flying to Cancun, Mexico rather than the sexual assault allegations or the nursing home scandal.

    The pair have a back-and-forth, with Acosta insisting that they are
    covered those stories, with Marcus repeatedly telling Acosta: "No youíre

    When Marcus asks what he thinks about Cuomo, Acosta appears to pivot,
    saying vaguely: "Iím here to do a job right now."

    "You have plenty to say about Trump, nothing to say about Cuomo?" Marcus

    "Iím here to do a job," Acosta says again.

    When Marcus asks, "What do you have to say about Cuomo," Acosta appears hesitant to speak.

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