• Progressive press concealed China's mass murder of members of Buddhist group

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    In the 1930s, the New York Times concealed the “terror famine,” in
    which the Russian communist dictator Joseph Stalin deliberately starved
    to death at least three million Ukrainians. The Times denied any famine
    was occurring, and its correspondent, Walter Duranty, wrote glowing
    reports about bountiful harvests, while receiving expensive gifts from
    the Russian government. (The Times has refused to return the Pulitzer
    prize it received for Duranty’s deceitful coverage, despite admitting
    that his articles denying the famine constituted “some of the worst
    reporting to appear in this newspaper.”)

    In this century, liberal newspapers like the New York Times sometimes concealed mass murder committed by China’s communist regime against a
    peaceful Buddhist group known as Falun Gong. Thousands of Falun Gong
    members have been tortured to death or had their organs forcibly
    extracted before they were killed. Caylan Ford chronicles this in an
    essay at Arc Digital titled, “Why Did Liberal Elites Ignore a 21st-
    Century Genocide?”

    As Ford notes,

    In the world’s most populous country, over a million members
    of a religious minority have been detained without trial in
    reeducation camps. When they’re not performing forced labor
    and making goods for export, they are tortured, beaten,
    shocked with electric batons, and put through coercive
    ideological “transformation.” Authorities have been told to
    use any means necessary to make their victims recant their
    faith in a world-transcendent order, and swear fealty to the
    Chinese Communist Party (CCP)…… There is now abundant evidence
    that China’s organ transplant industry has been supplied, in
    part, by the on-demand killing of Falun Gong prisoners of
    conscience….an independent tribunal of experts, headed by
    United Nations war crimes prosecutor Sir Geoffrey Nice QC,
    recently found beyond a reasonable doubt that forced organ
    harvesting has occurred on a substantial scale — likely
    peaking at tens of thousands of victims per year — with the
    knowledge and endorsement of Chinese state actors

    But The Times and the Washington Post spiked news stories about China’s mistreatment of Falun Gong members. For example, “In 2015, a Beijing-
    based correspondent for The New York Times found evidence that
    prisoners of conscience (likely including Falun Gong faithful) were
    being killed to supply a lucrative trade in human organs. Chinese
    transplant surgeons had spoken about it in her presence. Her editors
    told her not to pursue the story.” In 2001, the Times published several “articles that ‘uncritically advanced Communist Party narratives that
    Falun Gong was dangerous, that it had already been crushed, and that
    its adherents benefited from ideological reprogramming in labor camps
    (“the re-education center is more comfortable than my home … police in
    the center are very polite and kind’).”

    And in “2010, The Washington Post killed a feature article about Falun
    Gong after the Chinese embassy made a call to the paper’s executive
    editor. The reporter, who had spent a year researching the piece, was
    told that the paper couldn’t afford to run an article about the
    marginalized faith community.”

    Human-rights groups periodically take note of ongoing killings and
    torture of Falun Gong members in China. For example, Amnesty
    International noted in 2016 that “Falun Gong practitioners risk torture
    in China.” Academic journals say China engaged in mass killing and
    systematic persecution. But the liberal media has paid little attention
    to this over the last two decades.

    Why so little sympathy by liberal newspapers towards these victims of religious persecution? Ford notes that this “Chinese Buddhist group has conservative teachings on sexuality.” Although Falun Gong’s “teachings
    on sexuality are virtually indistinguishable from those of most world religions,” like orthodox Christianity, they are not in accord with the “progressive social agenda” shared by liberal journalists.

    Falun Gong, like traditional Christianity, rejects certain progressive assumptions and aspirations as unrealistic and utopian: “Falun Gong’s teachings further argue that the perennial problems of human existence
    cannot be solved through political or social engineering: neither human
    nature nor human societies can be perfected by human means, as both
    communist and progressive ideologues imagine. Instead, the path to
    salvation is believed to be a personal one, achievable only in the
    hereafter, and only through the improvement of the soul.”

    Trump won.

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