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    On 2021-05-02 12:04 a.m., Rudy The Dick Sucker wrote:
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    Dutch <no@email.com> wrote:

    On 2021-05-01 7:45 p.m., Anonymous wrote:
    With the vaccine passport, we're actually going to see something
    very much like that, with these private companies colluding to deny
    service to individuals who refuse the vaccine. Just try to work
    that through in your brain: they are going to be legally allowed to
    starve you to death.

    It wouldn't be collusion, they would just separately come to the same
    sensible decision. And since everyone will have access to a vaccine for
    free it would be the person who refuses to take it starving himself to
    death. It's similar to the situation where people refuse a life-saving
    blood transfusion "on religious grounds". The hospital isn't killing
    them, they are killing themselves with stupidity.

    The vaccine is a social / political / media facade. Think about
    it you dumb son of a bitch.

    India is cutting down trees in parks for wood so they can burn all the
    bodies. This is a plague, you absolute fencepost.

    You can no more protect against a virus with a vaccine than you
    can convert humans to breathing and surviving carbon monoxide.

    Yet research has proven they work and is still doing so.

    You want protection from a virus? Get sick from it and get
    well. It's better than any vaccine made.

    No, it actually is not better. Mrna vaccines immunize against multiple
    strains of Covid-19.

    There are entire
    communities across the globe that have herd immunity against
    multiple viral strains because they reacted naturally, the way
    humans have for thousands of years.

    Sure, if you want hundreds of millions of people to die.

    1%, if that, is the death rate questionably attributable to

    The media is milking this because they are making buckets of
    money from morons clicking COVID stories.

    Oh the horror. Stupid fucks.

    You're entitled to risk your own life, you aren't entitled to endanger me.

    Translation: I'm a coward. I will be obedient and comply with
    the oppression of the left.

    I used to think that it was good that we live in a society where morons
    like you are allowed to live and say whatever shit you pull out of your
    asses, I'm not so sure any more.

    I think you need to get Covid-19 and struggle on a ventilator for a week
    or so, then survive and have lung scars and all food taste like gasoline
    for the rest of your life, sound fair?
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