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    Comedian Russell Brand ripped into the Democratic Party and accused it of colluding with big tech companies to censor information and influence the
    2020 election.

    Brand criticized the relationship between Democrats, the media, and social media platforms on Sundayís episode of his podcast ďUnder The SkinĒ during which he interviewed investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald.

    ďDid the media and social media conspire together to keep information about Joe Biden and Hunter Bidenís relationship with foreign energy companies out
    of the media?Ē Brand began in a clip of his podcast. ďThe answer is: yes,
    they did.Ē

    Later in the show, Brand included the Democratic Party into the list of powerful groups working to distort information. The comedian lamented that he believes the Democratic Party to be a corrupt conspirator against democracy. He also slammed Facebook, Twitter, and legacy media for suppressing and censoring reports about Hunter Bidenís connections and President Joe Bidenís alleged connections to foreign businesses in China and elsewhere. Brand said:

    Look, Iím not a pro-Republican person. I donít see myself that way. I
    donít see myself as a conservative, or that Iím in a Trump or Giuliani
    or media establishments that were reporting on these revelations, they
    are not my cultural, social, or political allies. Thatís certainly not
    how I see myself. However, it seems to me that what reason is Hunter
    Biden [sitting] on the board of an energy company in the Ukraine? What
    reason is James Biden [sitting] on the board or receiving payments from
    an energy company in China?

    At a time when weíre talking about sleaze, corruption, financial
    misdemeanors and relationships between corporations, big business, and
    politicians, letís just face it: unless youíre bloody stupid, you know
    thatís going on all the time. So, either change that or letís stop
    pretending that politicians are aspiring to anything other than the
    advance of their own interests. And if there is a byproduct, a few
    people get helped along the way, well, then, thatís great.

    But for me, revelations that there are financial connections between
    energy companies in the Ukraine, energy companies in China, and the
    Biden family are troubling. That should be public knowledge. And itís
    even more troubling that Twitter and Facebook and the media at large
    deliberately kept it out of the news because they didnít want it to
    influence the election. What is democracy, then? It suggests to me
    that democracy is, ĎWe want you to vote for this person. We donít want
    you to vote for that person.í

    As Iíve said, Donald Trump, you know, I donít think Donald Trumpís the
    answer, but Iím sad to realize that I can no longer even claim to
    believe that Joe Biden or the Democratic Party might be the answer,
    because look at how they behave. And look at the relationships between
    media, social media, and that party. They conspired to keep information
    away from you because it was not convenient to their agenda.

    In October in the run-up to the 2020 election, Facebook and Twitter censored
    a story from the New York Post on Hunterís overseas business dealings. Major news networks followed the social media companies in the blackout of coverage on the Biden scandal. Taxpayer-funded NPR dismissed the story entirely as ďpure distractionĒ and said to cover it would be a waste of time.

    Trump won.

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