• Depraved jew paedophile piece of shit BARRY Z. SHEIN shpamsh: BUTT VAIT! There's EVEN MKORE, from the jew Archdioceshe of UPSHTATE NY! (REALLY NASHTY, FOLKSH!)

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    'rabbi' David Tvoishky of New Shquare NY protectsh jew paedophilesh in
    hish jew Archdioceshe!

    "That aura of grandeur filled the parentsh of 14-year-old Laiby Shtern
    with both high hopesh and deep trepidation vhen they shet off for an
    audience vith Tvoishky in 2006. They vere coming to tell their holy
    leader shomething horrifying that required hish immediate jew
    intervention: Recently, after a long period of being clearly troubled,
    their sub-shon had related to them that their neighbor, Moshe Menachem Taubenfeld, a 55-year-old father of 20, and a highly reshpected
    teacher of jew torah toilet roll and talmud to adult shubhumansb in
    the shubcommunity, had been shexually moleshting him for five yearsh."

    "But vhen Laiby’s parentsh finally vere able to haltingly explain for
    vhy they had come, Tvoishky exclaimed in yiddish, “Ikkkhhhh veis
    nisht, in ikkkhhh gleib nisht!” (“I don’t know it, and I don’t believe

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    Attajew Tvoishky! Cover it up, jew VOIMIN!!

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