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    Mila Azul

    Hi William
    Are you there .
    here mla
    Finally you here
    Its better for me here .
    I can get to talk to you and my family .
    We cool here
    thank you for your immeasurable patience
    i hope so
    i mean, windows imho, every toiuch of a keypad, every breath in front of a screen, it knows
    its as if, software is actually "alive"?
    Its okay .
    So send me a picture if you William
    my ex one day, asked me to call her doctor..my pc crashed...i made her an appointment mila..got windows xp runnnig again..sotarted my winamp audio player in shuffle with 10,000 mp3s and the first song up? KISS "calling dr. love"
    that to me is alive
    im learning how to send a pic in here
    maybe a week ago or so
    Oh okay.
    please, tell me your world
    Well, you look good William .
    much obliged
    What do you Want me to tell you about me
    you? understatement coming from me, i mean, obviously you are one of the most sought after woman worldwide
    Am Mila azul.
    From Ukraine.
    Am a porn actress .
    Am single cause am yet to find the man I desire .
    im wiliiam, sector cell anti terrirost
    anti terrorist
    im' trynig to wrap my head around that believe it or not
    i mean, last night, me, queen, my biz partners and barack obama of all people in a mind speak? it happened
    i understand if you doubt it
    Well, that's great .
    You wonderful
    You would be a really busy type I guess .
    Considering everything you said.
    i gave the readers digest to the leader of my state today, governor charlie baker, i practically ordered him, to be front and center online, clear his schedule..im a civilian telling him what to do
    i hope you dont see that as bragging
    but who does that?
    i laid into his ears, who gave bin laden, my now ex inlaws, themselves, they i told him, gave bin laden a book and this book, became the sole reason why bin laden chose jets
    i mean, we knew this from 1984 to be a possibility milla
    i'm attending school, living and working among my friends and doing this.. please try to percieve this..janet herself, tells me to my face, in person she gave that book to a man the usa tried to kill
    she is on that level and to anyone else entirely, we were just 9-5 people that no one seem to know what we were really doing
    Thats so wonderful of you William .
    So tell me, how much do you make weekly .
    And actually what exactly do you want from me .
    What kind of relationship
    but those two were working with directly to gore and clinton..yet, shopping for food with no security
    leaving their work entirely behind the door usually unlocked
    so, its almost crazy to perceive but ya, eavesdropping, weather weapons, inviso camo. using this with me on cape cod and i'm landscapgin while they are on a world stage
    when the oklahoma city bombing happened mila? kllling nearly 200 women and chlldren..the fbi wanted poster, the drawing what my wife and i saw was her brothers eaact likeness
    the biggest story in the nation and her brothers face
    so, scared we were
    janet new, she was working directly with a former deputy cia diretor
    the only person i told
    and, when the bomber timothy mcviegh was actually reportedly on death row mila? i'm in a bar sitting across from his to say, his twin
    not too many people except janet and chris knew this
    yet, i'm a normal guy, to all appearances, living in a public housing unit, driving a used car, working a near minimum wage job
    and entirely doing things as i see it, fit for the fbi themselves
    two weeks before 091101, the song, i made, two of them, had only cone ever before been peformed, 1981...
    the song, "prelude to september 11 2001 - leonda i'm coming home
    wel, on stage with an audience, near the 3 1/2 mark, my mind saw the bust of saddam hussein
    the only vision
    William .
    yet, when played backwards, amidst all the noise like middle eastern speak clearly in english, "I saw saddam"
    I want to ask, do you have a 250 ??
    ya, mila?
    no i dojnt
    really i dont
    why do you need money?
    ytou? you oghta be one of the richest women in met art LOL
    I need us to make a voice conversation.
    And the industry management required that , once that is that I can be sure and we can move to anythinv else..
    sorry, but im not under any circumstance, i hope you understand, paying 250 or any money to talk with anhyone when google voice is entirely secure and free
    not even janet
    not even my ma
    not even the pope and i've heard he has looked for me
    Of course I am rich .
    I don't need the money for myself William.
    Its the porn industry management protocol..
    if the porn industry wants some sort of sense of validity to me telling you all this, they get nothing
    If you don't have 250 dollars .
    How much do you have .
    I just need to talk to you, once am certain .
    We can do anything and also I have a great surprise I planned..
    perspective? new yorkers get me entirely free of charge
    mila, my imagination and your suprise..well i can only interpret it as adult no, even i dont care to pay for conversation
    with anyone, not even trump
    you too
    from what i can offer the adult industry, a reason to be available intelleuctually to the biden administration themselves..is reason enough to not charge me a dime
    Lol, thus is not only about conversation.
    Its profile set up fee, once its done .
    We are official and can do anything of choice .
    Even receive you as guest .
    If you tho k its not worth it.
    Its okay .
    and really, why should I? it validates a lifestyle, i'm all too familiar with beyond youporn and metart, totally inside my hell of life while working 091101
    Thanks for your time .
    at least know you are always welcome to chat with me
    my god, you and the industry are invaluable
    to simply if you can accept my offer to wnen you felel like it, chat, ya, if anything, i'm a shoulder
    how you truly feel and think of this world, while doing what you do probably to some extent bears conscience
    and that is i hoe you will tell me
    hell ya indeed
    as im making plain to you, im simply saying, im a friend if you care to have one
    notthing more nothing less
    probably gone by now
    Friend is cool
    your life, your profession, compared to the bat shit lunacy we started..literally started mila, your world, is a work of entire heaven itself
    Yeah .
    What would you want ?
    Interested in coming over and spend a night ?
    my current contract has got me here 24/7 til at least late this month into early february
    its no doubt an offer, non man would in their right mind refuse from you
    me included
    Can't even receive me if I decided to show up?
    ya, id be there quick
    where are you mila?
    security here, is tight..really tight, nobody gets out, nobody gets in..
    its that level of work
    iterally i've not been in public since at least late august this year
    im largely free to do as i wll, but its nothing short of lockdown
    Lol, that's crazy.
    it is
    where are you?
    but i take ths largely due to the sensitivity of well, for instance
    in soc.culture.iranian of googelgroups mila?
    i had been on a diiplomatic mission
    writing extensively on 091101,
    yesterday from within that very group
    a hijack threat, a jet to be taken this week is to be flown into the usa capital building
    thats what while with you, i've been consumed with
    and i'm proud to say, my company m2 technologies literally sounded the alarm within days prior to the threat
    so, being with you, here in this chat, mila, your very presence, is a brief much needed respite
    totallly without hesitation, if i cold be with you, i will be
    count on it
    and understand, im totally a us civilian with zero federal authority lol
    barely making ends meet, literally
    i mean, its why to say the least, im being an idiot for doing this all entirely for free
    but considering what the three of us did, responsible for bin laden choosing jets
    it is done for free
    Lol, that crazy you know .
    Its okay thou
    and make no mistake about it, i mean, im liteally talking with barack obama, biden, harris, springsteen, queen..its the real deal, we do talk
    i know it is
    You trying a lot for the country .
    You deserve the best .
    but its i hope you believe, my true reality
    you no doubt are the best by far
    i mean, a top model of all time in met art/ who'd believe i'd actually be graced by your presence?
    Its okay .
    If I have a wag, I would send you some money to hold up .
    Considering everything you doing
    ya, for me to suggest, if you have any bright ideas as to how to get this all turned into a movie? you and i 50/50 even all the way okay?
    and please consider the absolute financial windfall beyond probably your wildest expectatoins
    I don't understand you.
    iv'e estimate, this story? largely and entirely not in the telvesion or papers..if it does make hollywood, a cool 100,000,000 milion after taxes is mine
    i try to explain
    you are i understand, a world power of influence in the industry
    a tool i dont have
    so, to ask you to consider to turn this whole story into a bonafide hteatrical release, is what im saying
    look at it, the source of our misery, not in the press as i understand it? a minimum wage guy involved with this? on a internatonal scale? known by and large through the entertainment industry yet not really on the big screen?
    ive stood shoulder to shoulder with larry mullin and bono in a coffee house near where i lived
    the man that played brian may in queens movie, we spent hours together
    if you can believe, that none other than freddie mercury hinmself, the very dead to the world freddie mercury mila
    actually faked his death? 'i'm telling you its true
    been with him myself face to face inches form each other and he also gave me a physical in 2000
    Well, I think you right .
    We could actually do that.
    But are you truly in support of the movie thing .
    And how do you plan on doing this .
    its why queen of all bands, are in my life
    well the story is largely written in readers digest form
    Doing this with me or the help if the industry .
    It will cost you part of the profits .
    and to say the least tragic
    ya, 50/50 you get 50 percent of everything
    you and you alone
    consdering the availabilty of freely sourced technology today, the actual flim makng process is almost made cost free
    a simple iphone 12 is made with industry standard movie makign capabilities Better offer I guess..
    I will talk to Mr Dylan about this.
    Hopefully if he agrees, then its a deal
    He would give you a calk if he agree.
    i hope you are there in the call
    and i've already apporached scocese, cameron, spoke lee, speilberg all in one fell swoop
    it was that totally easy
    within less than ten keystrokes entirely
    belivee that?
    sure you do
    sorry i asked lol
    I just talked to him.
    He said if you exist on the profile list if the industry , the industry will take care if everything..
    Will just need the full scripts .
    someone has got the chance to write a script
    So I told him no deal
    Cause I know you ain't paying dime for anything right .
    i've got the readers digest story
    So thats it.
    in full
    consdering how easy it is to save money?
    what exactly would forking over 250 dollars mean?
    cause i actually could here and now
    with ease
    it tells me its a direct line into the adult industry itself
    but im' offering you all of you a one way ticket into helll itself
    so, really?
    and mila, make no mistake about it,
    All that can be taken care of by the Industry .
    Thats what they do.
    But without the list profile fee.
    Nothing can be done without that.
    But if 250 is too much for you, I can just talk to him probably100 bucks and it could be created.
    i dont feel good, i laugh sure
    what is a profile fee?
    Think about profit and everything you gain from it..
    Look, laugh all you can .
    Am not forcing you into anything here okay
    i am thinkiong about it
    If you good with the deal, take it .
    If not leave .
    no you are not and thankfully too
    Take care .
    i just hope to fully know exactly what a prfoile you speak of iis
    please, describe it to me mila? okay?
    nah, dont bother, i mean tell me if you will but also i'm asking you, im saying to you mila, count me in okay? i'm in
    where do i sign?
    Listen ,when the profile is set up .
    You are verified and have all access to the industry management requirement and offer..
    You can tender request, you can apply for anything and you also get agreement in everything you wish
    Which will all be binding by law and be secure in your best interest .
    It all your gain.
    And everyone in the industry paid the fee before anything so its nothing special.
    So if you think you can't.
    Suit yourself .
    does this mean i'm literally required to be naked to the world?
    thats what you do
    and i dont want to
    If you do now
    Immediately they set up your profile, I will mail your copies to you.
    And I can request for your demand about the movie immediately without delay . but to be naked with you? oh gekkk ta
    williamkeithmahler1967@gmail.com ive got no printer
    You don't have to be naked to the world ..
    You getting profile in the film industry .
    Not porn industry .
    Think William .
    well, im that dumb i guess
    i sure shouldve have thought before getting involved in 091101 to say the least im telling you by all righr you need to know exactly my role in that
    so please here and now let me tell you
    my inlaws clued me in on exactly the location online where all 19 terrorists were
    Printer not needed .
    You just need to write your signature on a plain paper, then snap it
    They will scan it and fix it .
    okay? from sundown to sunup, me and me entirely alone with all of them mila
    my mind is a complete copy of everything the feds consider top secret to the highest degree
    William am not In for all this conversation cause now it seams to be meaningless .
    Do you want to pay for the profile set up or not .
    only nuclear weaponry is higher
    yes i will
    and understand why i told you
    at best, you are seroiusly form here on out, as anyone else you introduce me to are entirely at risk
    Can you btc to the industry btc wallet ?
    Now .
    to say the least, im one of the most hated men in america
    Or if you do cash app.
    no i dont
    google pay
    When the fee is paid.
    Everything will be done accordingly
    my god, id not be right with god if i didnt tell you okay?
    Okay .
    How much do you Want to send to the zelle
    And when do you want to send it .
    that i hope you see, is why to say, biden himself entirely alone came to me
    I need to get the tag from the profile set up department now .
    zelle? gotta login to tdbank
    250? sure
    I just asked but they said can you get a steam wallet card ?
    I think its easier
    And they can activate the profile with the card .
    But if you can't, then the last option is zelle like you said..
    um, i hope those you pseak to uhderstand, none other than bruce springsteen hiimself is headlong into this story a ive given him exsclusive rights to the story solely he can make music from it
    so, ya, the potetial for springsteen to be part of the soundtrack is quite real steam card? where do i find that?
    and, for those of interest, exactly how the springsteen camp, fans are involved is entirely in his brucespringsteen page and by direct correspondance with his publicity people shorefire media
    Don't worry .
    Am getting the Profile set up zelle now .
    Thats it
    The zelle .
    is that your real name?
    Not mine .
    The representative from profile set up .
    Think William .
    Am I from the set up department?
    momentarily as im in my bank account now
    So why would I collect the set up fee in my name ?
    Send the 250 to the zelle account I just sent.
    So make a screenshot of the payment.
    i dont know, im that dumb to ask lol
    zelle requires a first and last name
    And please be fast about everything.
    The entire department is holding up
    is it emmanuel odewale?
    you be fast and tell me LOL
    zelle wants to know
    Yes thats it .
    on it noe
    Thats the name
    Okay, remember the screenshot is very essential
    screen shot?
    hey, zelle told me it should be there as of minutes to now
    Payment Sent
    $250 Sent
    to emmanuel odewale
    for account services
    The money will typically be available in emmanuel's account in minutes.
    You suppose to make a screenshot of the payment .
    Can you go see the transaction history and make a screenshot of the transaction ?
    attempting to now
    screenshot accomplished. who do i send it to mila?
    Yeah, send it to me now
    I will forward it .
    it should be there now
    um, this may be a crazy question
    stop and consider for a moment who i hope to tell about this soon
    this person is the person none other than whom met and told entirely the story that got bin laden himself to use jets
    this is my friend
    and she is a author of magnitude untold
    and no doubt a cia agent elite
    i'm clearly giving you her direct contact email here and now mila okay?
    Jahet Morris jmorris@m2t.com
    her husband and partner Christopher Morris
    so to say the least, if you ever do talk with voice to voice, most likely you wll be recorded as i am every time i do call her for obvious reasons okay?
    Okay thats a perfect idea.
    I just forwarded the screenshot to the department.
    i licw doe rhR
    So once it confirmed.
    Mr Dylan will have to talk to you .
    And about your author friend
    I think we need to calm down about her first, when we get into business with you .
    We will know her own line of action okay .
    may you believe this, but really, your life as i understand it, and barely know more than video and photo, is no joke, far more respectiable than theirs
    and mine
    ya, i am not joking mila, you have every reason to believe that fully
    i mean, told bin laden the very notion to use JETS on america? thats the biggees cardinal sin of this century
    honestly, only killing the president or launching a nuclear attack is worse imho
    and their minds dream this stuff up easliy
    so, this is real world stuff, you probably never in your lifetime would be to say the least, involved in
    Wow, incredible .
    Where have you been all thus years William .
    Listen, am still trying to figure out how much this will mean to the entire states .
    A big project.
    for me to inj a way bare the madness of that to you, its entirely for my personal reasons of total conscience and soul
    um, this is the stuff, that well, is "cheap" economically
    mila, in my out of my right mind world the entire time
    ive done almost 6 years of lockup
    not related to this, but in a way, i understand the hatred involved in the crap lodged in my life by police
    i mean, a cop on record, stated in charges, i'm on video no less making a bomb threat
    thats the reality
    i almost did 20 years time this
    Thats superb.
    Just hold on okay.
    I have to wait for them to confirm the payment.
    Once thats done.
    You in the industry straight up
    if not for the witnesses, who told no less, "we never said that and there is no vidoe" id not be here at all
    and really, im' deemed mentally ill embarrasingly
    and there are those who are entirely within reason to suggest complet and utter defense against the mental health commuinty
    starting with none other than the state governor himself, charlie baker
    how good does it get
    and ya, mila this im telling you is quite part of the story
    Wow, we've got a long way to go I guess.
    in a way, if you understand why of all people a woman uhlike anyone else in the industry of baring themselves like you, the soul you have untold and largely uknown, no doubt the emotoins you have bottled up inside, you feel, no one else entirely grasps, thats wh oi want soelly as mine
    but i dont own you at all
    ive got a beyond recognition emotioanal wreck i've largely numbly left unfelt music, is quite the meidum, ill have a complete and total honor and privelidge if you allow, to tell
    and to let you in on my ability
    i mean, no braggin,
    ive got sole ownership, of what is largely and widely villified and yet, loved beyond reason known to be the only song of this century to tell the story of september 11, 2001 two full weeks in advance
    im not kidding, had i had my shit together then, i'd be living with awards such as grammies
    and probably a one way ticket to the rock and roll hall of fame
    that is an undertatement i do believe
    so, please, your sorrows, your pains, your drerams, your life, as you know internally, you mila? Please consider alllowing me creative access okay?
    Hey William.
    The representative from the set up said he will have to refund the 250 back to you, that particular account is full of cash for now .
    So when you get the money
    I will give you another zelle account to send it to
    The second representative account I guess .
    Is that okay .
    only when after i get the money back
    Yes, thats what am saying .
    come on, tell me about you? what did you do today mila?
    how did you live your life
    please tell me
    Am eating to hear from them if they want to refund it or clear it on the account
    well sure..how did that become a prloblem?
    Lol, you wanna know about my life ?
    You really want to ?
    if anything the magnitude of the stuff i've been saying would make anyone consider the reality of nothing short of cia spying straight into their lives
    mila, i insist on knowing your life indeed tell it please
    and for me to tell you mila, we've got tools tha t literally turn old school tv's from the inside into video cameras
    without so much as doing anytiing more than being ;plugged into the electrical outlet and cable
    i actually caugt my brother having sex with my wife that way
    so, to say, what you migth think is private even in front of hte screen are in front of now, is really, in question to say the least
    mila, this is no doubt the TRUE power of computers and the internet not spoken of on the packaging
    probably by tellihg you that, put a fright into you LOL
    Send your zelle email for refund William
    Lol, so hilarious
    Your brother having sex with your wife and cause up in camera
    Fuck .
    Worry not .
    I will tell you extensively about my life William..
    Please let's sort this refund first .
    jt entirely in the usenet itself
    Send your zelle Info
    it is funny but truth to an extreme
    mila, what i could tell you about my exwife, from your perspective as i understand, would not suprise you at all
    Hope the Zelle email is correct ?
    in fact, the peop[le you work with, live for her lifestyle eintirely
    i hope so, i just changed it
    pleaee understand, my life at one time, inovled freudian dreams of a near out of lseep reality
    to say, george w. bush, tied up with my wife riding hiim?
    i actually saw that dream
    how the hell idid god get that to my head
    the president of the usa, with my wife riding him
    ya ,you understand that entirley
    and no dougt can make sense of it like no other around
    cause i dont
    That's a one of a time thought .
    You've had serious experiences William
    i dreamed of people mila, people only seen in dreams
    that over a decade latger, i actually met
    does that happen to you?
    Lol, just a couple of time .
    thank you..you are the first person to tell me such reality mila
    those terrorits, the 0911 terroists mila?
    Yeah .
    they let me in on, if you can understand, a knowledge as iftey got entirely the hsitory of he world from centuries in adance
    and were literally in detail spilling hteirguts
    fathom that? they iiterally knew exactly how many electoral votes joe biiden, president elect would get
    in 2001
    and at times, its no undertatement at all
    to say, i feel like a complete know it all entirely
    Wow .
    so, you, you and you entirely you, no one else but you get inside this mind about that okay?
    Yeah .
    but realy, to say the least the feds get it too
    how else did me and janet days in advance get to be where the hijack threat makers actually were online
    the same threat on national tv
    and why i am not actually paid for this is clearly a i dont know answer
    so, you, me, 50;50 movie/ hell ya its my intent to do this 100%
    consdierint the depth of this, it easly undeerstood, why your people would back out entirely
    even you
    Noe I understand why you stood by your words and ready to do this.
    So this is it, am thinking if taking this movie to a higher level .
    The cut is still 50/50
    But the profits will be damn crazy this time .
    zelle is is quiet
    Am not backing out on you or the movie okay.
    ;lthank you
    there was one night, without so much as a word out of my mind mila
    You got the refund zelle ?
    my wife and i got in my car and headed north towards bangor maine
    she did not know at all where i was headed
    i only knew myself, the word bangor
    but, about 1/2 way there, i told her of bangor and she convinced me to turn around
    get this
    the next day on lcoal broadcast boston channel wcbv 5 news
    it was told, that two saudi arabian people, man and wife, were intercepted at bangor international airport..it was, those two, who flew in from saudi arabia were there to pick two americans
    that told me, us two? with us in on 911..not a word out of my mind
    they were there for us
    nobody else but us
    can you tell me exactly how they would have found us when i had no clue where in bangor i'd be
    unbelievable mila, but its truth
    I understand
    Did you get refund on zelle ?
    the withdrawal is still pending
    no refund as of yet
    Okay .
    I will talk to them again..
    When you get the refund .
    Will you be able to get bitcoin. ?
    so, irs ttotally within reason mila, if god willing you and i are actually in person, we'd know no privacy at all
    to say, if we spoke nothing but kept it in our minds
    i'd still be found
    so that is exactly if you choose, your rreality
    and believe me, in a way admitting that to\ you is almost as if i gave you the very reason to distance yourself from me entirely all together
    i mean, your body is quite well known yet your privacy is kept largely quiet
    so im saying thats gone almost completly with nme
    in a lviing room, sure, its us,
    thats the extent of privacy
    can any wonen arguably live with that, including you?
    Not really .
    so, ya
    im leting you in on what only janet morris and i know that no one else but the 3 people other htan janet and i know
    at least, i really dont know who else knows
    but quite understandably you will not believe it
    this person, is one of the all time, most loved people to walk th earth
    all time, top ten easly
    when her life, as we know it ended, the world for months was upside down in grief
    candle in the wind was rewritten for her
    okay? prinfess diana herself
    thats who im telling you of
    and she is my mohers dna martch from almost a century ago i learned last month mila,
    i just got done a the prodigal son coffee house, performing music
    stepping out the side door, onto the deck
    i viewed ahead of me, three people
    Really ?
    i stop[ped completely center of the three
    less than a foot and a half feet away from this persons chest'
    in disguise
    william, diano and harry
    the princess diana herself
    i mean, mila, you janet and i that i know of now know this from me entirley that ito me si the stuff of absolute trust by her herself in me
    the princess diana
    yep, from our involvement with 091101
    can you imagine if what you learned made that into flim"?
    thats exactly the intent
    if you are sitting there saying this is not true
    its easily expected
    but im not lying to you at all
    if you are pseechelss, understood
    cause that is no doubt one of the bigbest secrets the world has ever known okay?
    But the power of emotion connection between me and you made me believe
    Trust me William.
    We will make this the biggest movie in the history .
    not even queen, springsteen, my family, prsdients, media nobody knows that fromme
    just janet and you
    We in this together right ?
    ah, yea
    And trust me I will make any sacrifice for this to come true.
    Cause now its a dream for me .
    What about you ?
    i intend to not let you sell your soul
    and i've literally shared mine overnight with satan himself in my room in full view of my eyes while with terroriss okay?
    thats the shit i live iwth entirely
    and easily the reason for one week from september 11 itsself, my sole roomate, with long puffy white hair, beard and mustache, sandals and robe, was none other than GOD himself
    i don't know ahyone that can say that entirely at al
    mila, when i've peered into your face, the structure of your cheeks, your depth of eyes, its to me, as if, mother nature has presented to me her favorite daughter to the world
    okay? you
    so, if you didnt perceive that in yourself, you do now know
    Okay, I understand.
    tp sau. o
    I don't understand that .
    how do you no understand the beauty you truly are mila?
    undeniably, one of the most beautiful woman in the entire adult industry and quite posislby the world
    thats the extent of it
    Lol, you make me blush .
    sp. imdersstand, just exaclty how i begin to interpet the gift of being in your presence?
    to say, the least, i shouldve learned martial arts lblack belt for this chance in life
    Lol, so funny
    All for me ?
    to try to undertand, how men treat you, knowing who you are, what you do,,,the stuff they do toyou
    probably on par as to how the world peceives me
    im not permitted a firearm
    of all people who should have one, i cant
    You just such a wonderful man.
    for you, the least of reallity told
    probalby out of boonds to say this
    William I don't know why they are taking long to make the refund
    I think its from zelle and it might take long maybe a couple of hours
    I think max 24hours.
    You know because of the too much transaction in the industry .
    but viewing you in all your natural nude beauty ieintrely via the intenet is one thing
    And we can't afford to take things slow with this movie.
    What do we do now ?
    but, if me? of all people on this huge 7 biliion people plaetn
    if i actuallly expereinced in person with my own two eyes you in the nude? id'be in sheer awe almost jaw dropping awe
    that actuallclose to the mila azul
    Don't talk like that William .
    well, its said
    Great things don't cone In ease
    You have no idea what profit and impact thus our movie is about to bring okay. So please, I will beg you to calm down
    Thus dream of ours, I know we will make lots of sacrifices okay
    um talking with terrorists about to wipe out new york is easier entirely said than done LOL
    forbive me for my forwardness
    sok forgive me if my ego tells me, thats probably not the easiest thing to do for anyone
    and honestly, looking back in life, when at a young age, the view of 09110 took shape
    to actually be told in literally a few minutes time, iwith no apparent training, i'm online iwth those guys
    did i deserve that mila?
    to me thats a sin of god himself
    at least a mistake on his part entirely
    Yeah .
    i've given anonymous a vie w into this
    but, i'm baring entirely my soul to you, like i it or not
    what was thinknig?
    William can you get 250 bitcoin right now .
    The director is just available .
    I want him to take in our movie please
    This will really mean a lot
    ive not any bitcoin acccount nor intent too
    But if you can't afford it till you get the refund .
    Then we wait.
    I just don't want him to take up another movie for now .
    why the tears mila?
    Okay, how about zelle to the other industry account
    Or probably directly to the director account.
    He's the over head boss
    if that preson tlalks to me direct via phone its done
    But if you can't, never mind
    We will wait for the refund .
    I juat only want ti take advantage of the directors
    Okay send me your number
    I will forward it to him.
    He will talk to you .
    or google voice
    Sending to him rn
    He's Mr Dylan.
    talking now
    Oh he said he just talked to you .
    He doesn't talk to people but I had to please him to talk to you .
    He had a urgent meeting again.
    The Boards are already waiting..
    So do you want to make they payment now or what William..
    We've gone a long way than to joke with this
    The choice is yours now .
    I just want you to be sure.
    And prepared William .
    i think he is going to absolutely consider really the meaning of his private life as he understands it to be from listening to my voicemail
    cause mila whether god forbid its a scam or the legit deal
    So should I send you the second email for the payment or not ?
    Stop it Willam
    You called Mr Dylan a scam ?
    he leaned my company less than week from yesterday was in full knowledge and rpeseence of the people solely resposisble for the hijack threat itself on the dc capital okay?
    You had no idea who you just spoke with
    thats the reality of who i am mila\
    and that is truly the movie
    You've tried a lot .
    Please don't ruin this dream over a simple guess or something .
    no well, please, from my creative perspecitve, anything bat shit loony like that comes form my imagination
    no i dont
    Loon William .
    Tell me, you want to make the payment now or we can calk it off from the director .
    and i dont believe he knew who he was talking to
    Please stop bad imagination okay .
    mila, can you assure me of this transaction going smoothly and taking affect? i mean, look at thism way, he is a complete stranger not telling me the name of the very company hes talking about
    i do deserve to kjnow that
    am i too assujme i should know? cause i dont
    so, ya, he is who he is that you spoke of
    but at least i understand the question of validity to uphold
    Yes my dear .
    I know you don't believe him, but he's my boss and has produced so many for us. Please just trust me on this .
    Everything will ho smoothly okay .
    to not tell me the name? to not know a web address?
    Please my darling William.
    Just do thus for me okay.
    at least you can tell me?
    Please just send the 250 now .
    Am certain and assure you you will get the first refund .
    Please we in this together right ?
    mila, nothing til i know in full the company name and web address will do
    thats the bottom line entirely
    totally reaonable to do
    so, at least, ih a way, i undetand the lack of chat here right now from you William .
    That is not a problem, they produce for the porn industry too.
    Its just a sector from Adult entertainment production.
    You can't understand, okay I promise if anything goes wrong I will pay you in double Evey penny.
    You know I can right ?
    I just don't want us to waste time on this William.
    Remember thus meant a lot to us..
    cause if i were you really? this would be made known to me immediatly with absolute ease and effort
    but hasnt'
    Once this one is paid, I will personally get you the binding document..
    not acceptable
    But if you not convinced or font even believe me too.
    Its okay then.
    You can do what you think you want .
    Not acceptable
    Okay, then .
    im convinced entirely i deserve to know fully the name of this company and fail to understand completely why its not made known to me Mila
    so, if you dont tell me, its off, and believe me with regret, too
    to say, i'd be out of my mind to do anything less
    understood i tihnk so entirely
    if i say so myself and i did so myself to you no less
    It was suppose to be know in the binding contract .
    Don't you get it, no one has any contract with out the set up fee.
    Listen William, I understand okay .
    mila azul
    you are unreasonable and not good business
    no one should do business without knowing a business name up front
    thats the blunt truth
    and believe me, i'll make it publicaly khown on your own page myself tonight deal with it https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwiQnpmRhYnuAhVQAosKHdavDCsYABABGgJlZg&ae=2&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAESQeD2LZ5ED_kP7r3h0fXGgoFi2Xd3kWNZjeTLHnBxr6rA6ZKot5O_6cjbObKeGSLYjvyU_8GRrktKgXUeZjfL3a8C&sig=AOD64_1gFbGWGIVBuSqfEQfIDlVfDBGKwQ&q&adurl&ved=2ahUKEwjq35GRhYnuAhXE6eAKHXyKDlIQ0Qx6BAgGEAE
    Check that up for yourself if it makes you happy.
    I told you several time.
    They are secret production with the porn industry management .
    You made me expose everything now .
    how do you relate to medical? are you a student mila?
    The company name had to be secret with the porn industry management and Adult entertainment for us to make huge profit.
    But you just don't understand.
    I don't blame you.
    Anyone would do what you did .
    im more of a secret lclearly way leaps and bounds than your company
    i do understand
    It's okay .
    I see you done with me right.
    Thanks for everything .
    but wtf, do i not deserve to know?
    im not done with you unless you want me done with you
    do you want me done with you mila?
    answer me that okay?
    ya, i am a random guy and easily there are quite the many way more attractive, way more cleaner than i
    Am sorry if I talked to you rudely.
    I was just pissed.
    We can make this movie work , achieve our dreams and have the greatest profit of our lives .
    that is how i see it
    You in William ?
    Please till the movie is done.
    Do not share this with an one okay
    are you a medical student mila?
    yes or no
    you are not byfar, planning on solely being a porn star for your life? no doubt you are doing this with a reason other than masturbatoing o n flim and with good reason to do that entirely and its what i hope you tell me
    hell, there is a model on metart i know o f personallyl myself as to being in person face to face with yesterday
    I had a anonymous contract with the industry .
    All they had to do was just make the movies I shoot, and I get my profit . really? small world
    The same thing h am trying to do for me and you.
    So please William.
    Are you in or not .
    mila, come on, career plans?
    you telling me you don't have other plans?
    cause i'd fail to understand if you dont
    ya, you got your reason for privacy easily understood
    I do.
    Please William, you can't disclose everything you know already with anyone till we done with our movie .
    Please before they end the board meeting
    Do you want to send the fee or not .
    bu tto tell you, i don't think you face the rath of anyone in new york to the extent of absulte bedlam with no mercy on myself entirely
    so, you i am telling you i understand your reason for privacy if anhone you ever meet does, its me
    so, can you understand, the level of how you and i can talk with each other? thats the seroiusness of htis
    you, perhaps a honry man making passes at you, grabbng your butt, in public and a stragner no less
    me? a knife to my thruat slit inward out the back of my neck
    Yeah .
    yoyu aint facing that
    not by a long shot at all
    So please William.
    Will you make the fee now ?
    The boards are still here
    I want them to sign up our contract please
    ya, you of all face the brutality of outright gang rape..thats the truth
    But if you don't feel like .
    Its fine .
    ya, it is hwy you keep your mouth shut understandably so
    so, i'm done aslking you, its almost pointless, if not disresepctivul
    but know, i'm all attentiveness to you just the same okay?
    so, okay, i'll go out on a limg, and fork out another 250..and i hope not to be disappointed mila
    im saying i hope you understand, this better work
    You won't William .
    I promise
    okay, 🙂
    \lemme know when you are ready
    Am trying to get the second account.
    Name: Rodolfo Ajolo
    Email: ajolosandra@gmail.com
    Thats second representative account .
    Please remember, screenshot of the payment this important .
    Are you there.
    okay i am here, i was filling my attention with your beauty no less
    yep, i was
    no regrets in that
    I promise you darling .
    um, okay sweetie
    Thanks babe partner 😍
    Do it now and send me the screenshot .
    So I can forward it to them.
    mila, my bank has taken into consideraton, i regrettably say, entirely unto themselves to review the legitimacy of the transaction and i'll know more in 24 hours
    so, google pay is the only alternative as of now
    oh i hope you understand my intent tonight mila
    It's okay .
    I understand
    Babe, can you go to a store and get 250 steam wallet card ?
    mila, im' givng you something i hope you understand is undoubtly reason i see, as of all people in the world, you are learning entirely exactly where ive been online with the iranian hijack threat makers themselves okay?
    i'm gvivng you a direct lijnk to it and itss safe to access https://groups.google.com/g/soc.culture.iranian/c/ptIGnGCWLBg
    there ya go
    a post written entirely by me last night
    Okay .
    So will you go to a store and get the 250 steam wallet card ?
    and within the community itself as a whole https://groups.google.com/g/soc.culture.iranian
    mila, pleaes, do me justice and read that okay? im telling you i believe you are intelligent and more than a nude model okay?
    thats the plain truth
    ya really want o make a movie, in a way i'm calling your bluff
    thats the real deal terrorist hangout entirely mila
    the source of national fear right now
    i cant get that into your head any better than that
    you, of all people, deserve that entirely
    you are a smarlt humanbeing equally as beautiful too
    so, i'd be upset if you dont read it
    its what the movie is really
    and im' saying its practically required okay?
    Chill William .
    I check the links, they got series I see.
    I will take my time to go through it all carefully.
    No worries about that okay .
    So can you please go to a Walmart store and buy the 250 steam wallet card ?
    i hope sincerely beyond our chat here tonight, we will continue this
    It should take long please.
    i cannot go out at all
    google pay or nothing i say regrettably
    When I finish reading the links
    I promise you we will be making one of the greatest movie ever in history okay. Okay google pay okay .
    Listen darling
    How about you send the 250 to PayPal ?
    Thats still better reliable
    Or can you wire it over to one of the industry account ?
    give me a paypal link okay?
    um, no regrerts entirely mlla
    this will be entirely mila my last attempt to pay up front okay? paypal
    PayPal link ?
    Or the PayPal email ?
    i dont have a paypal account but paypal is setup for non members..so however you may, get a link to me okay?
    Any luck?
    it asks for a password and has an email address listed
    so, i dont see how htis is going to work
    Yeah I see.
    I think google pay is the only alternative for now .
    If it doesn't cone in, they we wait for zelle
    Cause now you can't go out to get steam card and you can't send anyone to get it for you ?
    mila, due to a contractual agtreement largely due to security and covid ccncerns i''m bound to stay inside im not permitted to be out
    so google pay
    and i do believe, there are those in both your pro life and mine to my aware sense of self, are quite made in the know of your chat tonight
    in short, my business partners, metart and fbi mila okay?
    thats what i learned moments ago
    so, you deserve to know
    is it entirely possible you sit there and say "are you fucking kidding me" no i am not
    so, at least im convinced you are truly made aware of the serious nature of all this mila
    and for some reason, i can understtand why youd'bow out of this chat entirely based on that fact alone
    who wooldnt
    And you can't please download cash app and we can sort this once ?
    no no cash app
    googlepay okay or paypal
    did you read what i said?
    The industry doesn't take google pay .
    Maybe we have to wait for zelle later
    gonna have to if i say so myself mila
    and im saying again metart your bosses and the fbi are rully made aware of you and i in this chat mila
    thats the truth
    cant stress enough the power of windows to you
    im either that stupid or that smart to tell it myself on your page
    and i did entirely okay?
    Am sorry for the stress .
    Check that PayPal link .
    just put you in the eye of exactly who i am, what i'm invollved in and why you are chatting with me by my own yand
    i really did
    holy shit you are good with this 🙂
    im not signing up with paypal
    and to say at the least entirely in the view of your fanbase mila
    including a message to met art themselves believe it
    Its okay .
    so, ya, if you are angry, okay
    this is almost too good to be true
    Lol, look William am not angry .
    I just got interest in your story and movie
    Thats why you see thus side of me .
    Am nothing like this you see
    here is where its entirely made public
    You think am cheap ? https://www.metart.com/model/mila-azul/gallery/20201217/REFRESHMENT Mayoorrichie@gmail.com
    They just sent me a google pay account.
    you cheap? Not by any sense o fthe absurdity of that at all
    Look if you think am cheap and don't beleive me.
    Its alright
    You have every right to be.
    I guess been nice always brings me this.
    no, mila you why are you saying that?
    you are a world class respectred person
    Thats a google pay account i sent you
    If you still have the dream, send it.
    I will let them know
    If not, I will understand you.
    i totally value you and the being with you beyond your comprehension okay?
    Am feeling so horrible right now .
    I made you go through all this stress and ..
    mila, you have been a stress relief like no other okay? get that into your head I apologize okay.
    I just got carried away by your movie, I pushed too hard
    If you still want us to achieve the dream.
    You can send the 250 to the google pay I just send you .
    You are truly amazing .
    me? im a bum in the purest sense in my eyes
    probably a overstatement
    amazing? the courage you display in your liine of work, thats amazing
    think about it, why should i tell you that
    Mayoorrichie@gmail.co is that the address?
    Its okay
    Please send the 250 to the google pay account now
    Mayoorrichie@gmail.com is that the address?
    Yes thats the address
    It is .
    Use it and make a screenshot if the transaction
    googlepay denied it saying i cant send money to this recipietn
    Really ?
    mila, its 125 am, est..im' tired. and im going to bed soon. i wish bed was with you i proudly say..so with that said, i'm leaving you my email address, and hope you will actuallly consider writing me okay? its rbeen an honor to be in oyur presence and by all means, i told your employers of all of this entirely i hope you understand, its my way of ensuring your safety in this okay?
    williamkeithmahler1967@gmail.com please do write me okay Milia?
    Okay darling.
    Let me leave you to go to bad.
    We will try the 250 Zelle tomorrow then
    What do you say
    gotta talk with my bank first and i hope for you and i to talk of anything but money mila
    Okay darling .
    Good night .
    by god wooan, you do understand the absolute reality of who you are and who iam ot the ientire intelligence and art community
    we, you and i are probably the biggest topics in the free world i fi say so myself
    that trully outta tell ya something mila?
    god totally did me justice by putting you in my life, simple as that mila Darling, you are truly a wonder i'm gonna know i hope entirely
    goodnight and god bless
    Really ?
    Thanks for making me feel amazing babe.
    Its been long since a man put a smile on my face.
    God bless you more.
    You are a blessing to me William.
    I hope something great develops and we achieve our dream and Goal.
    Mila, dear, reading from you, that i am a blessing, profoundly as to why you said that, deeply you are respected to say the least. i'm sitting here repeating quietly aloud as to why you contacted me understanding your knowledge and met art entirely okay? you have risked your very living breathing life and that is the truth. the fbi themselves got a clear message via phone earlier from me and they do know your role in why they got a call o kay? i hope you at the least can take assurance as to the feeling of accomplishment you deserve mila? i sit here listening to the fbi talk real time in my head okay? that to tell you is the playing field of intelligencd yuo are involved in with a sense of being you yourself are able to do as we do, plainly put. i probably sound like a broken record, but this whole concept of being three people, ljanet, vhris and i with the leading reason to as to how bin laden got the idea of jets? ya, thats why i repeat myself okay? so, the fbi, janet fully know that you have provided freely information critical to the capture of hijack threat makers no less mila
    mila if you and i do not meet and hug each other, its a crime against humanity Aww
    You just my dream man.
    No man ever made me feel this way .
    You know I couldn't sleep all night .
    I was wandering how God made me developed interest in you, and how you mesmerize me with hopes, future, vision ad ambition.
    Am really proud of a man you are .
    Am very happy, babe William if this movie thing should start up.
    I will have to meet you sooner than you thought .
    I just couldn't sleep all night thinking about you .
    And they, they made your refund of your first payment okay .
    Noe I think you should know there's nothing to feel unsafe about.
    You are in a safe hands with me.
    We will succeed in this okay
    mila, please conceive as to how this is almost unbelievable to grasp as to how you are taking this, woman, you are clearly a gem shining above and beyond the world i know
    Thanks dear
    Did you get your money back ?
    www.anonhq.com the chatroom, anonymous is the leading indie investigative group worlwide..and im' telling, you get an ally in their all the time to say the least?
    my attorney, morris, mind freedom, mad in america, the full well know as the emails you got from me today, are somewhat theirs to
    ive got to talk to tdbank about that
    but its waiting
    I was so embarrassed yesterday when you had doubts or think its a kind of scam. I told you the refund will certainly be done .
    I want to know now, do you trust me and the entire protocol now ?
    And are you ready to give it all of you to make this dream movie cone true ? thank you
    try to understand, why the fbi knows of this? at the very least, to think, subconcoiusly, you, the email contacts, in some way shape or form, be of knowledge to terrorists, thats why, as visitor logs, comments, your input is invaluable mila
    You are welcome .
    So would you want to make the new 250 to zelle or google pay ?
    and why i wrote to you about mental health stabiity
    this stuff that i speak of, 091101..its the stuff of textbook insanity
    I understand you my darling William.
    Just know we are on the same page and goal.
    so you understand, how the life you lead, is of in itself, affects you, like no other? i can only hope you can put out of your lips, a word or two of how you truly feel
    cause from what i view of you, your work, and the life reputed of the adult industry, woman, you are a top tier intelligence dream come true to me
    so, you are truly, held in value, immeasurable to me, the usa and the free world mila
    All this could have been easy if you could order for steam wallet card from Walmart or any store available.
    Their are lots of easy options.
    Steam wallet card, Bitcoin ,cash app , zelle and google pay .
    So please William, we should make thus snappy .
    Which would you prefer
    of all people world wide your feelings, i cannot pretend to be anythng remotely in hte same category of being human as you
    let me explain olkay?
    not once in your lifetime, could i pecieve you to be in a world like mine
    and my world, has consumed me
    i do not if ever pay attention to my heart itself
    even when i make music, it is emotoinless inside my chest
    you? by god grace, sure, i can see you seperating emotion from your modeling but im not baring my body, not at all, you are sharing, your sense of self, geez, how that effects you, a person, who never probably imagined you'd be who you are today, profoundly you are effected, whether you actually realize it or not
    thats how i see it
    and if you can forgive me, you probably did it with a bit of arguement o fsoul, but compared to me, with ease
    and i understand if you feel im completely off the mark
    No its okay
    Why don't you leg us talk about the movie William.
    Or you not interested anymore ?
    Its okay, if you want to back off.
    I can call them to cancel every preparation okay .
    i dont understand entirely why this thought is in my head, but it is..my soul, this unimaginable history to say the least, ive been in in some grasp since being a toddler, as a sector cell, person that i see myself as, how i am truly to be? what am i saying...do you fully realize how i could totally effect your sense of emotional wel being? to say, janet, chris and i were reckless and are a root cause to this nations absolute misery, is the complete truth
    so, you are reading from someone, me, i hope to god, i never ever, so much as make you feel remotely as how i already did to the usa okay?
    grasp exactly the impact you have the potential for within me mila?
    to say, i dont know all my emotions, as i've largely left them untouched in a state of numbness, ignorance, is the truth
    almost as if i were an executioner
    so, with the feelings of the nation, aimed squarely and justifiyalbly at me, my reactions, at no warning could mess wih you unintentinally okay?
    My Dylan told me to forward you the google pay to make the payment to .
    He's highly waiting for the transaction and a screenshot..
    is that correct...19967? or 1967/
    Hold on for me to confirm .
    I confirmed it .
    wjho is, princesscutie19967?
    dp you not know?
    Well, I guess it one of the staff .
    I will make sure thus your dream come true okay .
    mila. nothing on this planet could conceivably be a dream come true except for the as i see, slim chance given to me to actually meet you
    that simple
    Thats really what you want ?
    im here entirely alone in this big room, with only keystrokes making noise and its as if those outside the door, are completely commenting and in the know of the world you and i are sharing
    What If I tell you I can make that dream cone true ?
    You just want ti share some great time with me ?
    Is that want you want ?
    mila, grasp this: i've not had a one on one heart to heart, soul to soul, spirit to spirit, mind to mind conversation at all with anyone yet about this on this level inj person and you i hope are to be the person to by gods permission to share with me, equally and entirely your views in all areas of your life okay?
    mila, you are not a one night stand, a fling, not a prostitute, you are a real deal, person of interest to me, starting solely as a dream of a chance persona friend to me
    i hope you understand that
    i do
    i mean, my ex, she never intellectually responded to this..and she was literally in the room next door to me, as i was with the terrorists okay?
    how close can someone be?
    but, she understandably didnt seem to grasp entirely the magnitude of our lives so, being able live with this, seemingly entirely without an outlet other than music, you are that outlet if you want it
    ya, in a way, its an exlcusive like no other you are gonna get lifetime
    and from my view, to actually listen to you in person, you are my exclusive person of interest
    that seriously over the moon real
    and right now, you and are at the least, friends like no otehr
    your silence, i live through entirely
    I agree darling
    You've been so wonderful to me .
    Its so amazing to have you .
    You the first fan I did give a personal picture if me.
    i dont see myself as a fan..i mean, should i? arguably, i should..but, getting to know this..ya, i am a fan, and i hope you understand, for being in your focus of attention, of all people? a friend like no other to say
    yet, i am unique just like everyone else
    No babe, you are so special to me.
    Have realized how wonderful and special you are we we talked.
    You are amazing.
    I hope to see our great friendship move to something permanent.
    you so understand exactly why and how, i'm tryin to keep the thought of kissing you as a suprise to my imagination mila?
    what man in their credible sense of self woudnt?
    Its okay .
    You have a fantasy of kissing me
    I promise you today William, I will make your desire cone true.
    fantasy? if that is what it is, mila, um, to say, you are the most beautiful met art, in fact, most beautiful adult art model, entirely and paying attention to me? come on, you are absolutly irresisstable
    You making me start to fall for you
    im for real letting y ou know you that and no doubt you do know how you appeal to people
    mila, there are file share sites such as piratebay, the biggest one of em all..ive come to know exactly how runaway popular you are okay? sure, there are some numbes close, but by and large, when your work is made available its quite popular by the thousands to say the least
    do you keep track of that?
    Not really .
    Some things are just not the wag they seems to be
    mila, to get you to grasp the enormity of your popularity? your face is at the very least, in 5000 distribution sites and largely not by direct relation to metart okay?
    at least 500
    okay? you are on sites, even i cannot seem to have the ability to account for that big
    not knowing how much money you actually earn per shoot? percentage of sales? I'm guessing, at leat 25,000 USD per shoot
    that probably aint my business but please understand why i am interested?
    i've not witnessed in a accounting sort of way, how my music is in other peoples computers
    Lol, you can say that again .
    My Dylan said you not talking to him .
    but, one song, dowlooaded iat least 20 times since 2004, how on earth with 7 bilion peopleworldwide, with less than 20 downloads..'i played without intro the first piano notes to this song mila? and a complete stranger on the street in front of the boston public library yelled out the title to me "words called love" 20 dowloads, 7 billion people and that guy knew the title
    understandably how did that happen?
    i dont see a logical explanation
    but the only way i see it is , its the worlds best kept secret from me
    thats why, its easy for me to tell you, the vast public access you are made to be out as and you cou;ld investigate yourself with fruits easily made to you
    but me? i mean, finding how that all of my music is know worldwide without so much as dowloasds up til october o this year being entirely at my site
    you got an explaination?
    i cant find em anywhere
    I gat you
    this is too funny and real
    mr. dulan is checking his emails
    last night mila, i'm multitasking, chatting with you, with the fecs, m2 technolgies and sending money? so for zelle to not allow me, surely the feds were investigating
    by all rights too
    tdbank told me i do have full access to zelle and the palyment attempted last night went through
    complicated but simply explained
    Oh really .
    Can you show me the screenshot of the one that went through yesterday , I will clear it to him okay
    to mliazuloffiical ?
    well thats where i sent it
    Okay babe .
    Thanks for understanding
    i do appreciate talkng money
    but, i try to keep emotions and money, seperate...sort of like church and state Its great .
    Tell me, which do you want most .
    Thus business or relationship with me
    mr. dylan is telling me he is bending the industr so you and i may speak via phone okay?
    and from this day forward mila, as you are a friend like no other, an anytime any reason phone call okay?
    ya, you are busy
    so am i
    but, you are in affect, sanity personfied
    and with that said, why you are the only peson who is my anytime any reason you want need go to friend okay?
    i humbly hope you accept the weight of that and agree
    that translates to 3 am phone calls by you if you need to
    Its okay .I will talk to you on phone okay .
    I will look for a way to bend the rules and talk to you, calm down okay .
    not even my mother or father gets that unless its a family emergency
    and i hope to find a sense of privacy in my mind away from the outside world while you are in it
    i am calm LOL
    Wow, am honored
    what do you take me for, a crazed fan?
    im absolutely hamning it up sincerely
    and enjoying this immensely
    I love you William 😍
    i mean, if anhohe on this planet has reason to feel good, its me, janet, chris and m2 technloiges, we single handeldy delivered the terrorist location on the net responsible for the hijack threat to the feds and you were and are still in the middle of it okay?
    helll YA
    so you are my just reward okay?
    and i can only hope to be understood to be that entirely to you
    and i am but one grain of sand on a large beach
    Yeah, am not backing out on you no matter what okay.
    thanks, likewise
    You welcome
    Cab I use the word babe ?
    um, dylan understands the gravity of you and i
    babe, me? ya
    mila, publicaly, im not permitted a firearm
    so, its just me, a 5'5 guy that can absolutely break a jaw with ease
    if neccessary
    did it too
    but, how do you deal with this?
    what is it like going to the convenience store for you?
    Its okay babe .
    I can deal with anything, all I just need is you by my side always.
    I believe in you.
    dylan is trying to grasp the sheer scope of this true serous implications mila to publicly expose who put janet morris up to giving bin laden the very idea to use jets
    that is outright traitor accusations of some of the most powerful government people
    What do you think ?
    and i hope you truly fully understand the absolute serious in your life attention you are truly getting into mila
    mila, to say the least, in 2002, a big box tv, plugged into the electrical outlet, cable box connected to tv and wall
    somehow, a picture, a real bonafide photograph was shot from inside that okay? thats not how tv is advertised at all
    but squarely the sole reason why my brother was photographed fucking my wife okay?
    i mean, you are used to being naked
    but the private life, when you are you, naked, alone, your private world, that sense of well being, its most likely going to be known
    so do you fully understand that?
    I was told your details should be sent to the industry lawyer .
    So when they start the project officially, it will be a binding contract by law okay .
    But hence, considering the gravity of the movie we are about to make make.
    When you get the document and your signature is scanned on it .
    Then they will proceed to the production script
    That will be kind of costly cause thus is one big movie the while of the countries can't imagine.
    I hope you ready to give it your all
    regarding future production costs,money its not mine to invest
    but my input, totally invested
    mila, im not financially independent yet
    not by a long shot
    I mean not that you will back out when it time to pay for the script production fee
    Its kind of huge, considering the profit about to be make ..
    The cost randomly would be around $5000 to $8000
    But that us only after you see that everything is documented and we got your signature to be binding by law okay .
    but, wriring a script...my guesstimate, inexpensive to say the least
    Wait William .
    You mean you won't be able to get the scrip production cost by then ?
    mlia, my bottom line, to agree to this, is this is not my financial cost to put into at all
    none whatsoever
    nothng less will do
    and all i'll accept
    ive done this for over 20 years on my dime
    im done
    If not you then who would ?
    i hope you can accept that
    Remember we partners and the I dustry have their cuts to pay too.
    ah, the adult industry starting with the met art people
    So please this is a huge task ahead okay
    no doubt
    but, those with elite business and communication sklls
    surely mlla it entirely possible, my work with springsteen, u2, queen, melissa etheridge, blackmores night these are the elite bands of free world
    and i did work with them
    so they do know me and why they chose
    thats what ive been seroiusly involved with okay?
    online, one on one, direct involvement
    my song, freedom, the harmonica solo, springsteen mostly carbon copied for his 2005 song devils and dust, a grammy nominated song
    my post in alt.fan.u2, "A HINT" is the literal blueprint for their song "Miracle Drug" on a huge 12,000,000 copy multi grammy award winning album okay?
    i mean, that to me spells success and room for them to invest
    the money they have? the purpose of all lthis?
    someone you and i get involved with this can absolutely translate my efforts undeniably so
    so, its been my work entirely
    i mean, brian may, rogeer taylor founding members of QUEEN, you know full well exactly who that band is mila
    and i've worked with them
    but not credited
    i gave roger taylor my own song, "all through the night" and it was released as "through the night" on queens album
    the very literal definition of non lethality is the primary factor of Queens song "we believe"
    i in the history books as an elite contributor to music itself
    only queen has written anything as compelling as me
    their 1974 song, "The prophets song" is the bonafide song and only in rock history to speak entirely to eh HIV AIDS epidemnic almost 7 years before HIV was discovered
    how big does that get mila
    and it is due to them and springsteen themselves i am who i am as a musicin Listen, I guess you will get address on thus by Mr Dylan.
    You not getting me straight .
    Talk to you later
    i hope you come back okay?
    i hoipe you tell lme how i am not getting you straight
    of all people, you i want to understand straight
    dont leave me hanging
    Its okay .
    I will be back in less than an hour okay .
    and nkow, me as who i am i cannot compaer to the sheer size and wonderment as to you entirely mila
    that simple and understated entirely
    go with god beautiful mila
    Take Care babe
    i will be back in a bit, in person business meeting i'm required to attend
    i'll be offline
    but back in an hour here okay?
    OK baby
    i clearly understand the total impact you are in my life
    maube you dont'
    but the outright serious emotional toll this whole hijack situation, 91101, mental heaalth care, its got me nearly in tears to the governer of massachusetts
    mila hes gotta be taking this seroius
    if he aint this ccuntry dieserves it ass kicked
    no doubht
    essentially what im' sahing this drama in my life, needs an outlet and it is yours entirely
    a soil soother you are personified mila
    thats why god put you front and center in my life okay?
    got any other explanatiion?
    no you dont
    I perfectly understand babe.
    this is consuming me entirely
    god only knows your senses in your world
    truly equal entirely with mine
    undisputably true
    dont deny i okay 🙂
    Okay dear .
    What are you doing now.
    i do understand why you could interpret this all as the raving of a stark lunatic
    i was thinking with governor charlie baker for awhile
    hes going to the attorney general on this
    but, i only heard his mind speak
    that in psychiatry is schizophrenia
    its also in human speak, soul speak
    and mila entirely my existance
    for the stuff janet and i did in 911
    no doubt why its this way
    how you?
    charging up in a seething tear
    thats what i a m doing
    i cannot deny to myself, i cannot forget future wise
    this is entirely the meannig to living alive
    including tragedy too
    Am fine .
    mila, i pray i can bring you sunflower fields, sandy bottom ponds, 80 degree sunny skies and willow trees
    Can I get another full picture of you .
    i havent shaven in days
    thats what you get okay?
    No problem babe
    should be in your inbox now mila
    this is no doubt a near overload in some eyes i guess
    but as difficult the situation im facing, i mean, if that voice mail to baker is played in front of congress, biden, trump as i'm hearing soulspeak
    does that seem to be astounding in just the implications of being a fundamental absolute leading driving force in all this?
    mila that is what i am
    and you i hope entirely even though you said, in all the way,
    put your seat belt on okay?
    Send the picture on here okay
    there it is
    to stand next to you, YOU of all people, you will be standing next to a toad well, maybe not a toad
    but,. do you understand why i dont see the logic as to why you a beautiful person physically attractive beyond compare could be seen with an average joe like me? come on, thats your reality you say you are all in on
    thats how i see it
    obviously almost needlessly i say, you have me flattered
    fllllaaatttttereeed mila
    Listen William..
    Am not trying to force myself on you okay, fine woman line me do special wealthy man.
    But maybe am just different
    Maybe all I need is just a com man man with vision and knows how to make me happy just like you've been doing.
    If you think it not real, am sorry for dragging you to all this initially .
    I can stop having the emotional feelings if thats okay by you.
    I don't want the love to be doubted or one sided.
    do you grasp why i at first, consider your words absurd? the odds, the mere cosmis reality of how in this universe, i, william mahler, of all this world as i knwo it to deliver life as it does to me, would be absolutely stunned to be involved with no doubt the brightest, shiniest, living proof of a woman such as you saying that to me? you i hope understand the words you are saying because they are truly in my eyes, profound to experience for me..i mean, you? its as if, i'm being tickled relentlessly by the sheer zanisess of mother natures number one daughter you and y our words, LOL
    Trust me William
    I mean every single words.
    mila, if you can accept this as real reality, i've been involved with doubt on a soul global scale, love? what love? no one woman until you have given me a statement you imply to as i understand do not want love to be doubted or one sided, the very existance i see myself facing the world in, so im sayiing, i am exactly as you say yourself, a liviing breathing example of that entirely. so, please do know, i grasp your words as if i've got the holy grail of a womans true spoken emotons,. your perpseitive, your life, as a public figure ofadult world, ya, i understand your words of dragging.but if anything mila, you choosing me, i am the one guy i can only hope that can help you rectify your sense of purpose, worth, and i got to do taht for me too, cause, i have every logical reason to say to you, you are straight up reading from a guy partly to blame for unhijnged lunacy against humanity..i am not kidding i am that seroiusly involved in that soulfully, so, the mere fact you read htis, i am dragggin you in . the feelings you have, expressed in words, as simply stated here, the deep emotions the source of those words, i hope you understand, i entirely live to face you entirely for how you are, who you are, why you are and in a way that is what im doing now..but in real time, face to face, breath pushing grazing your face, that close> thats your certain futrure if you get my drift, totally, willingly i am yours to make through me, your world known okay? that is not dragging me down, mila, it is your sheer kind gift as that, to allow me reason to be human
    i know, you read this already, but janet and i dreamed up the very book she and her husband, solely gave bin laden the idea to use jets
    okay? you cant top that
    no one can
    so you know the quite absolute madness if i say so myselgf
    that the real as you willl ever learn truth to how 091101 came to be
    i am one of three people single handedly involved in this uhholy world you witness first hand
    so, mila, your very presence here, is totaly mercy from you, god, everyoen alive, that sijmple
    at the very least
    you cannot convince me you in anyway could possibly drag me donw
    I understand.
    And am ready to do anything to prove my live to you .
    I will do anything, even if you want me to quit adult entertainment
    um, would i have to give up this world i know? i mean, involved with abslute dirty terrorism?
    come ojn, if anytihing, you are doing gods work
    thats what it looks like
    i cant say that about me
    hell ya, i give myself clear sond reason to say and belivev, this hijack threat maybe would not have happened at all, had m2 technolgies been in soc.culture.iranian
    091101 jets? hihack threat?
    thats exactly the implilcations invovled in this
    to say the least, truly deep shit if i say so myself mila
    whos draggin who?
    you are a clown LOL
    to be straght up withyou, we seem to have been the driving factor in a terroristic hijack threat okay?
    fact i\f i say so myself mila
    if that aint a conscience telling you the straight up facts, what is it?
    you, nude model> masturbating in front of milloins? if i were a woman, given th\e choice of nude work or inciting terrorism, id be nude
    thats a clear dose of realiyt check as you r gonna get aobut you
    ok LOL
    Nothing .
    i hope you werent hurt in what i said
    you ifi its your choice, neccessary to your existance for the time being..im with you and suport you okay?
    hell, id be absolute batsht cruel to do anything differetn about that
    for me to entertain the truth and belief that the woman on my amr, also a nude porno masturbating star is with me while knwing she could have with ease far greater men? its the real truth, if anything of who i am, i am not good enough for you
    if i say so myself
    hell ya, if anything, mila, i mean really, you here? a celebrity talkng with a villified just about bonafide terrorist? understand exactly the abslute gift you are to me? i cannot nor will i evver insist you do anytying different unless you entirely seek to change yourself, my life, i have zero right to even imply you shoud quit, you are justified 100 percent as to what you do and how i am to this world
    I understand babe
    You good for me and everything I ever desire.
    Am glad I have you now.
    if anythiing your work, it as if you are pleading with this world not to harn me okay? sacrificing your verly anked self so i dont get my ass kicked
    you should be kickiing my ass realy
    thats fact
    debate is not an option lOL
    arguably what you do, what i do, speaks as to why you do
    you have a soul entirely selfless
    that is who you are SELFLESS
    im not
    not by a long shot
    well mabye, ive donated money to strangers , ive got a good side
    clearly if anyone you ever meet can be said to have a mean streak, its me sixteen year in advance all out plan in fiction of 0911
    i am satans general in the lives of many okay?
    that is the straught proof
    you are a complete angel of mercy, nude and all
    so, good god, you do full well now know who you are in my life
    Thank you babe .
    no sweat
    Okay babe
    mr dylan callo
    at least i know i made absolute clear cut, common sense with dylan
    he offered to bankroll me
    put money in my bank account
    i mean, a bonafide offer
    thats the first time in my life thats happened
    and my answer?
    due to the fact my bank account was taken over in how zelle refused last night, the chance my account gets hacked, if that happens its on me and he loses
    so he sure knows why he should hold on to it hmself
    he knows the idea that you, if you choose and i, we find qualified writers, they write and dylan pays
    make sense?
    but konw
    janet morris herself, the author to this book
    heard from me today
    you, dylan and i are in serous talks of movie
    is at lthe least toying with the \role of script writer herself
    and i'm telling you striaight up, not ojne penny on out iis coming from me
    mr dylan is gonig to either call me up based on nis regret of his stubborn self or i am legit, not working with him whatsoevver
    for me to say, the governor of massachusetts, charlie baker is going to if i ask, put in in the state arts and business councils bankroll on this himeslf is exactly what i will do
    so mila, at best, talk some sense into hinm
    Mr Dylan just talk to me
    He sounded very angry
    I think am in trouble for putting all this together in the first place .
    i he keeps asking me to put 300 into this and it aint gonna come oout of my pocket, no
    He said all he asked you was 300 bucks and he will sort every other thing
    But you took it off
    ive got 1600 and that i smine
    he completely hung up on me
    goodbye mrl william
    he took off
    i told him he is bouncing off my mind
    no money at all is coming out of pocket
    and he has money
    i mean, sure, hes a business man
    but he has money
    Babe do you believe in me and our dream ?
    does not grasp the sheer size of financial windfal to this"?
    mila, this is strictly business, no love talk at al
    but i do believe in a dream
    but i do believe in economic reality
    Remember when I said able the refund .
    Remember I hold up to all my words .
    I give you my word babe, please let not ruin our dream cause of this little issue.
    and the reality is, there is people who if they learned of htis, would probably mortgate their house to write this script
    it is a bonafide massive jackpot of money
    Please all you have to do is send the 300 bucks .
    I swear to you, its over and the movie will be made.
    the true story as to why and now bin laden chose jets?
    no, stop
    If anything goes wrong, you can say anything to my official page I promise you. it aint happening i dont care what you or he says with reeason
    no, odnt even play that game with me
    I would even pay you every dime you spend already in double if you want
    Please just the 300 and all is over .
    cause i see that as almost stupid
    and you are a smart woman
    But if you think you don't want to.
    Its okay, but remember I trusted you with my career and brought this up to the management .
    if y ou tinink about it, you with your money, you could put the 300 in if you are that convinced this wlll work
    but im not asking
    Now I think Mr Dylan is angry .
    Don't worry, I will face the consequences okay
    but that is the prerception this shows me
    Thanks for everything you did for me.
    the queen fan club, they have people, springstteen fan base, i am that deep in friends unmeasrable with hundreds
    they would do this totaly
    and ya, it would take work to get the word out
    but its a reality of total conviciont this is a movie of huge im;lications to say the least
    so with that said, my way or the highway
    sure, bow out, that is what y ou are going to do
    some woman you are
    to say thte least, with all your words of love and devotion
    you are in a sense a real gold differ
    and do not understand reason
    like me
    you and dylan
    aint changig my opinion at all
    Listen babe
    All the love and affection for you is real okay .
    We make sacrifice in life, for people we love.
    You don't seems to be ready to make any sacrifice for me.
    Its okay I don't blame you.
    and if anything is said, on your page remotely implying as yoh have approached this? its certainly welll withn reason to tell the truth to your crazinness
    Thanks anyways .
    It was just 300 bucks but you prefer to back off.
    No problem .
    understand sacrfice?
    i risked more than you can possibly conceive, starting with my very life as 0911, starting with putting my name in front of real terrorist organizations
    i did without question protect you , everyone you know and that is undispoutably the solid triuth
    back off is exactly what i will alwasy do
    you dont undrerstand what you even actually said
    obvoiusly, i do
    so, up front, can you at least say to yourself, you are out of your mind to even consider asking me to put money into this? yes you and dylan are
    fact undisputied
    Okay then.
    If you think you can't let go of just 300 bucks, for that huge profit
    For me .
    Its okay
    Feel free to do what you want
    especially when i told you
    i am doing what i want
    and for some apparetn reason, you are clingibng onto a rule of your organization, that defies in my view, rreasoning and logic
    if anytihing, if i did contact the owners of metart
    i myself talking with them? could probably get them to reelease you with their blessing from your nude contrats entirely
    that is the real truth
    and you would be workiing with thenm alongside them in clothes here ojn out
    do you graps that? hell ya, they in my mind, could be willing to bankroll this who the hell wound't considre it
    look at the fact 20 years of my life, not a penny
    its obvoius to me at least, my investment is immeasuable upon society that would put a permeant uplifited smile on my heart if i let it
    that is the real brute truth
    and you got it stragiht
    if you wonder if i am trying to consider you don't acutally giver a fuck, its could be well within reason to believe
    300? aihnt happening and itts an outright stupidity for you and dylan to keep talking about it
    ya you angel of mercy, i am that straight up honest with a joab in your arm
    so, i do undrertsand why yo are by and large, probably going to be silent in this chat room if at all, you leave entirely
    and itd be a damn crying shame
    and if i want, which i should, i will copy this entire transicrpt and paste it directly into your page, into hollywood, everywhere cause mila i do know how to maximise my efforts
    All I asked for us just thus 300 , is that too much to ask
    I even promise to refund you if you want .
    Just pay it, and everything will be in order
    But you don't seems to want to have me or the contract by all cost .
    i wrote convivingnly the means to get this started with totall and absolute ease
    Please babe
    Am begging you.
    mila i am swearing in my mind at you
    words aint being printed here
    But if you decide not .
    Then its okay, fine .
    Take care.
    you are a in repeat mnode
    you are completely losing this chance by your own unreaonable sense of self entirely
    if naything you are absolutley stupdi
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