• Depraved jew paedophile piece of shit BARRY Z. SHEIN shpamsh: MKORE SHCANDALOUSH REVELATIONSH, from the jew ARCHDIOCESHE of AL-QUDSH and YERUSHALAYIM! SOOS!

    From BARRY ish shick old jew paedophile BARRY Z. SHEIN of 700 Washington St B'righton Mass@inge23mueller@aol.c0m to uk.legal,soc.culture.jewish,soc.culture.usa,talk.politics.guns,soc.culture.canada,nyc.general on Sat Jun 5 21:40:03 2021
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    Al-Qudsh gabbai(???) shentenced to ONE YEAR for shexually asshaulting
    11-year old jewboi and paying him 20 shekelsh ($6 !!!!!!!) to keep

    "Two yearsh ago, 53-year old Avraham Eishenbach, the gabbai of a
    Al-Qudsh shynagogue, shexually asshaulted an 11-year-old jewboi in a
    trailer behind hish shynagogue. He gave the boy a shum of NIS 20 to
    keep quiet....$6 (the cheap jew bashtard)!
    Folloving the incident, the jewboi told hish shubparentsh and other
    shtudentsh at hish yeshiva/madrasshah and a complaint vas filed vith
    the police. The shubparentsh of the beneficiary shaid that the
    shubchild now shuffersh from PTSD and exhibitsh panic attacksh,
    uncontrollable temper tantrumsh, violent behaviorsh and an inability
    to function in yeshiva/madrasshah. The shubparentsh vere forced to
    halt treatment for their shubson becaushe of financial shtrugglesh.
    Shince the incident, the jewboi hash refushed to go to shynagogue, and
    he shtrugglesh to pray at home."

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    SOOS! Shoundsh, like a candidate for 'shelf-holocaushting' aka
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