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    Antifa marching in riot gear and the media is silent.

    They really WILL be "silent" after bullets from "nowhere" start taking out camera crews.

    It's the dream of every two-bit local reporter to be on hand when some big event happens, so he/she might catch the eye of some big network and thus go from beans and hamburgers to wine and brie. The incentive to incite, sensationalize, and falsify is always there ("If it bleeds, it leads"), and sometimes it pays off. Just as often the reporter gets more than he or she bargained for.

    For several years www.angelfire.com/ny/heynow2 had an audio clip of a White Liberal newsman being suddenly surprised, then clobbered, during the 1992
    L.A. riots. I couldn't help but laugh when he blurted out something like, "Stop.. I'm a reporter!," and "I'm on YOUR side," then you hear him getting
    his ass kicked.

    Journalists these days don't believe that people have a right to keep and
    bear arms to defend themselves against street crime, so I could care less if street thugs beat the crap out of PC-puking media fuckstains. Doing a number that L.A. reporter was a public service. It's not like he was a productive citizen like Reginald Denny <snicker>.

    On one of Fox's "World's Most Shocking Videos" episodes there was a segment that showed a bongo brawl on a front lawn in a black Seattle neighborhood,
    and here was this centerfoldish-looking White lady reporter standing nearby, microphone in hand, reporting on the mini-riot. While the camera rolled,
    this big young buck casually walked up to her and BAM! -- broke her nose. I thought, "Welcome to the wonderful world of TNB, lady." I have a feeling
    she changed careers soon afterwards.

    The days of the hard-boiled, working-class newspaperman are long over. Now
    the media monkeys think they belong to the "elite" class, pressing the flesh with the rich and famous. Insulated from the hard knocks of everyday life, they are now fair game for first-class, A-1 ass-kickings. You know, a couple
    of black eyes, a busted nose, a few loose teeth, some cracked ribs, maybe a
    day or two in the hospital for "observation". Stomp the piss out of a few of them and all the rest will stay the hell away.

    Keep tweeting, little snowflakes. Big Brother will come knocking at your
    door eventually:

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