• Does anyone know his name? YES! It's that shiteating nazoid PAEDO and SPAMMER, Andrew 'Andrzej' Baron!

    From Freedom for Gaza@gazaforthegazans@gaza12.org to uk.legal,soc.culture.jewish,soc.culture.israel,talk.politics.guns,nyc.general,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh on Tue Jan 26 13:48:09 2021
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    In article <7l601gdcas907ahltk5509r5citb1kv08b@4ax.com>,
    sick old nazoid paedo Andrew "Andrzej" Baron ("Barry Z") wrote:


    Ya'll stay away from HUMAN forums, you shiteating, pissdrinking, donkeydicksucking,
    grannyfucking, jizzlicking, motherless pile of sub-excrement nazoid PAEDO filth who
    takes dozens of muzzie dicks up his arse and throat on an hourly basis.

    Thank you!

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  • From BARRY ish shick old jew paedophile BARRY Z. SHEIN of 700 Washington St B'righton Mass@inge23mueller@aol.c0m to uk.legal,talk.politics.guns,nyc.general on Tue Jan 26 15:31:14 2021
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    On Tue, 26 Jan 2021 13:48:09 +0000 (UTC), "Freedom for Paleshtein" aka
    jew paedophile shpammer BARRY Z. SHEIN <inge23mueller@aol.com>
    shpammed from STD.COM:

    <fluhs jew shmut/shpam/liesh/shite EXCRETED from STD.COM>

    It'sh ALL in the MESSHAGE ID, folksh!

    And who ISH www.std.com ?
    Adminishtrative contact: jew paedophile BARRY Z. SHEIN!

    And SHTILL the shcummy little jewboi triesh to deflect B'LAME onto
    shomeone ELSHE!

    There ISH no ESHCAPE!

    Shuch a CHUTZPAH already!
    Shuch a jew GALL already!
    UP this shit, you jusht can't MAKE!

    Your shleazy shlimy circumcished jew paedophile shyshadmin (ALSHO
    called Baruch 'Barry' Shein)
    Your, circumcished jew shishter Suzan F. Binder and her
    circumcished jew hubby Marc W. Binder
    Your, circumcished shitshke 'wife' Mary E. Riendeau Shein
    Your, shenile circumcished jew mum Anita (Annie) Shein (SOOS!)
    Your, circumcished jew shub-uncle Hyman Shein (POP!)
    Your, circumcished jew dad Shaul (LOLOK) Shein (zt"l/a"h since 1992)
    and LASHT butt not LEASHT your, shubcherry-popped circumcished jew
    shubnephew Zachary G. Binder!

    UP the jewshaming ya'll KEEP!
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  • From Peeler@trolltrap@valid.invalid to uk.legal,talk.politics.guns,nyc.general on Tue Jan 26 16:51:28 2021
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    Well, EVERYONE who reads these groups knows about it!

    Pedophilic dreckserb Razovic arguing in favour of pedophilia, again:
    "That [referring to the term "consenting adults"] is just an outdated legal construct. Are you telling me that a 13-year old who spends 15 hours a day
    on Facebook is incapable of consent?"
    MID: <Og0VE.1298131$5O3.636319@usenetxs.com>
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