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    <Motives> https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/27251125-the-40-minute-war
    i worked with the author in summer 1984..had sex with her while discussing
    a book that book about 20 islamic state saudi and pakistani terrorists hijacking a jet and trashing washington dc..
    <b0tkowski> The 40-Minute War by Janet E. Morris
    <Motives> it will scare the crap outta 91101 survivors
    <livepan> wild
    <Motives> that book got her, her husband, their niece whom became my wife quite well known to president bush days after 911
    <Motives> to the point he called me and came to where i worked
    <Motives> janet, chris and i authored a document entitled "weapons of mass protection"
    <Motives> it was at their and my websites
    <Motives> the terrorists came looking for it
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    <Motives> and blew through the now defunct m2tech.us and mahlers.com
    domains for weeks leading up to 91101
    <Motives> janet and chris were already trained to be part time cia agents and travelled the mid east during the ninetees
    <Motives> came back to america and to this day, their life is financially big
    <Motives> because of their m2tech
    <Motives> weapons of mass protection becaem bushes favorite term changed a bit to weapons of mass destruction
    <Motives> the very first time bush said that my inbox was flooded for
    weeks on end
    <Motives> hundreds of emails an hour for several weeks
    <Motives> yet, not one reporter or investigator or neighbor on the street knew a damn thing
    <Motives> completely on the interent
    <Motives> not a bleep off the net
    <Motives> im still perplexed as to how that happened
    <Motives> total 180 difference in realities
    <Motives> i was with 20 middle easterners in worldchat irc sept 10 - sept
    11 to hours before the attack
    <Motives> that scared the crap outta me when the terrorists struck

    <Motives> but no one seeemed to notice
    <Motives> rest assured, not one thing such as a firewall could stop the fbi <Motives> and my computer was theirs but never left my home
    <Motives> i am a musician so my microphone was off but tied to the computer <Motives> complete conversations in my apartment were recorded by the feds <Motives> some of the feds know my most obscure music
    <Motives> only a handful maybe 100 people dowloaded one song but the feds knew it in seconds
    <Motives> named it
    <Motives> but noone not even my then wife knew it...my friends, family, co workers..totally oblviious
    <Motives> made a great case to be called mentally ill
    <Motives> but it really happened
    <Motives> the biggest part of my life back then was that whole situation <Motives> i never ever forget about it..think about it daily
    <Motives> well enough of my drivel..gotta get back to work i do
    <sd70ace> You know you can also stream of consciousness into an empty channel, right?
    <Motives> https://reverbnation.com/williammahler the first song their
    will throw you for a loop..acapella, created on stage in front of a live audience and completely about 91101 two weks ahead of time
    <b0tkowski> William Mahler | ReverbNation
    <Motives> yep
    <Motives> now you know who "motives" is
    <Motives> the way i see it all the internet security in the world cant
    stop anyone from fucking me up
    <Motives> so im blatently honest
    <Motives> btw, this is the first ive talked openly about it on the
    internet since 91101
    <Motives> such as i have in this channel

    <Motives> frequency theraputics
    <Motives> when they do get fda approval for curing hearing loss, their
    less than 20 bucks a current share is going to explode into huge bucks <Motives> small scale amazon stuff
    <Motives> amazon had i put 10 grand into them 10 years ago, itd be worth
    12 million now
    <Motives> clinicaltrials.gov fx-322 frequency theraputics outta waltham massachusetts usa
    <Motives> only one in the usa one step away from fda approval
    <Motives> one of a handful worldwide too
    <Motives> thats my take a shot and risk advice intro to you
    <ikiboo> hah
    <ikiboo> like im gonna read all that
    <Motives> well, im gettting my ears fixed and at least quadrupoling a thousand bucks worth of stocks with that minimum

    <+Motives> the real superbowl is next season in foxboro...belichek and the patriots vs. brady and the bucaneers
    <+Motives> anyone care to dispute that?
    <+Motives> ..provided cam newton is the qb next year
    <+Motives> all bets are off if he isn't
    <+Motives> cam made the patriots fun to watch for the first time in years

    Motives is: William Keith Mahler, https://mahlers.net
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    Hey hi,
    The song "Prelude To September 11, 2001 - Leonda (I'm Coming Home)" is very much about that day, two weeks ahead of time.
    When heard in reverse, amidst all that Arabic sounding noise, around the 3:50'ish mark "I saw Saddam" is plainly heard.
    It's the annunciation of the song, the very last two words, "to you" are if you can imagine just as the flight path of Flight 93,
    Going up high, arcing, going side to side and finally nose dive into the earth. My guiding light, she sets, sets me free
    That line is about the statue of liberty
    The word "Crow" is also used to describe death.
    The first time sang "I'm coming home, I've been here before"
    Represents the lone terrorist whom had déjà vu and backed out.
    The next four times "I'm coming home" is sang,
    The long dramatic notes of "I'm coming home" represent what everyone nationwide and almost around the world witnessed live,
    The second tower being hit.
    The others are the first tower, the pentagon and finally as described, Shanksville, the field.
    It got me an audience with the president twice, once as I called Sony Media, the white house intercepted, unless you can convince me that of all people on the planet, Sony's rep also sounded identical to the president and his name was/is George.
    That same summer, Sandwich, MA. USA, at Dunkin Donuts, where I was employed at the time, 3rd in command, the pres, George Bush drove a white box truck, blue jeans and green t-shirt, walked in, ordered a medium coffee, paid cash, left a tip and not one person batted an eye, as for me, I realized who he was but stood their silent like wtf, where is security. The video cameras had it all.
    The song isn' the only factor,
    My then inlaws were CIA trainees under former Deputy Director Ray Cline. Cline gave President Kennedy the very surveillance photos of Cuba that started the blockade and cold war, why? Russia put nuclear missiles in reach of Miami, it would have taken less than 5 minutes to obliterate Miami.
    Later on Cline started the United States Global Strategy Council and as I married Leonda Emmerich, her moms sister, Janet & her husband, joined the council, serviin g directly to Cline, no one else between for almost 5 years. Janet and Chris Morris went on to start, M2 Technologies Inc. and that quickly became the #1 Non Lethal Technology company nationwide after 91101. Most notably for bringing from then communist Russia, Psychological, Digital and infrasound warfare tools not seen in the USA before. Those tools can make anyone hear voices.
    July 1984 Janet and I shared my bed, I was 16 she, almost 40. We discussed a book that she eventually released August 23, 1984, "The 40 Minute War"
    about 20 Islamic Saudi terrorists hijacking a jet and terrorizing Washington DC.
    The book became reality with 4 jets 16 years later.
    So, my song definitely is about 9/11/01 and if Trump gets his way, our story will become national in a very public way, and I'm mostly prepared.
    William Mahler
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