• Our right to park a bus in a residential neighborhood should berecognized with certain obstructions. There are several objections to RVs

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    As soon as the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that people have a right to live
    in a vehicle, cities rushed to ban large vehicles like RV's, and, by extension,
    buses. There are several objections to RVs; the first applies to all people living in any size vehicles. The first two have some legitimacy, the third has
    none, the last two seem legitimate. Our right to park a bus or an RV in a residential neighborhood should be recognized with certain obstructions:

    1. Sanitation. People living in vehicles produce 1/2 a bag of trash every day,
    just like other homeowners. So do people living in tents. Thus basic sanitation
    - Dumpsters, as well as Porta Potties for the tent dwellers, is a demand for the
    vehicle living, and the homeless.
    1.b. Crime. This is an unfair stereotype. Your neighbors move in and out, what
    if they were thieves.

    2. Blocking somebody's view. While with a normal sedan you can see over the hood
    and the trunk, a bus is just a wall of car. People have to be able to put a notice on their curb, and prohibit others from parking in front of their home, or
    the home directly across from them and blocking their view. Then I was like, what
    if you look down the street, and it blocks your view, is that just too bad? Entire
    streets or neighborhoods should NOT be able to block RV's for this reason, but only individuals who's views are blocked.

    3. People who hate RV's. Even if the RV is nice and brand new, and nobody is living in it, just sitting in somebody's driveway, people persecute those who are
    *different* than they are. Blacks, Jews; they drive an RV, I don't. This is entirely illegitimate.

    4. Danger - Street too narrow, or bus too close to corner - this is legitimate.

    5. Preferential parking for the residents. When there is not enough parking for
    the residents, RV's like other cars can be subject to the same restrictions as other vehicles. If there happens to be space available they apparently are like
    the other vehicles. Like area "A" permit, with 2 hour limit, otherwise there will
    be no parking for the residents.

    Our right to park a bus or RV in a residential neighborhood should be recognized
    with certain obstructions.

    Your right to park, and live in a bus, nationwide, should be recognized, subject
    to legitimate restrictions. Cities should not be allowed to betray the public trust. Cities should be brought to justice.
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