• Socialism Has Merit In The First Place - In Times Of Trouble, ItBecomes All The More Pertinent

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    My Neo-Socialist-Libertarianism should be implemented as follows, according to the
    acronym SAFETHIC:

    Listed in order of importance:
    S - Sanitation: Dumpsters and Porta Potties for the homeless. And if possible,
    installed showers. Even the Romans had public toilets.
    A - Abortions: in the first Trimesters or 14 weeks, before there is a ghost or brain in the fetus; + Healthcare.
    F - Food and Water.
    E - Education.
    T - Transportation.
    H - Housing - 100% LTV, No 2-Years Income Documentation - Just Present Income -
    Like For Renters. Additionally, 250 Year Fixed, No Payment Changing Allowed, (Teaser rate adjusts into fixed rate, but same payment on blended rate), Primary,
    Conforming, loans.
    I - Incomes: Minimum Wage of 65% Per Capita GDP of the 3,141 Counties. Guaranteed
    jobs at this rate if possible - the rich owe the poor a job - at least best form
    of welfare, make a percentage back.
    C - Capital Savings - limited Consumption at some amount, if as a multiple of Minimum Wage. Perhaps between 4-40x minimum wage, per person, double per combined
    income couple. 75% Consumption tax over that amount, such as the gift tax. Could
    be over several years. This basically goes into Real Estate though, so some can't
    have $30 million mansions, while other's don't have $300,000 condos. Or you could
    just say, we all have to have the same consumption, per hour worked. There will
    possibly never be justice if you don't say this. Disparities in pay, above minimum wage, indicate a passive income. Why should someone get to consume this?
    We can't just eat the factory, we have to save and improve the factory. This is
    all about "C," Capital Savings.

    Above listed in order of importance.

    Water, Power, and Parks. Though water projects could be as important as Food.

    Libertarian-Laissez-Faire Economics, is just as dangerous as Marxist Communism.

    Go with Neo(New)-Socialist-Libertarianism ethic, and make America great - it never

    SAFETHIC is the acronym for Neo(New)-Socialist-Libertarianism.

    Other than that, what could be, but cash for everybody at the bottom. Nepotism(Favoritism to your Children)'s plainly unfair, and wrong. So how is there Justice in America? Show up to Jury service, and acquit.

    Withholding is as wrong as Robbery, and Robbery is as right as Withholding. There
    was no taxation before the Civil War of 1865. Every country in the world has taxation, and this is Socialism. Taxation is of the devil, but are we really supposed to get rid of it? How would we function without taxation?
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