• Trump Didn't Shutdown The Economy And Steal People's Jobs

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    Employment and housing are capital issues. Murdering someone by taking their job,
    to save another's life, is what the shutdown did, and there are now more people on
    the street.

    This is not Trump's fault.

    I'm not sure why Trump minimizes "panic" about COVID, but if this is the reason,
    he might more stand up for the human rights of both Congregation/Association, and
    Employment, though Employment may require more thinking; and treat COVID like Cigarettes, something we need to be advised as a very dangerous thing. Cigarettes,
    like recreational drugs, are bad, not wrong, and policy and statutes have no place, and moreover no right, in attacking those common citizens not engaged in

    We do not have to worship their idolatry. The drug war is false religion, and false religious war, on true religion.

    Trump hasn't done enough to protect workers, this may be. But he's not the one
    who put them on the street. If you're going to put people on the street, you have
    protect them more. The whole political issue of COVID merits more study, and nobody is paid to study and think for hours about how to address COVID without violating human rights, including me. If you don't care about human rights, there
    is nothing to complain about, you can just do anything you want, let people die on
    the street, kill the Jews, kill the homos (which by the way, are merely hermaphrodite intersex's, as common as the 1.5% who have red hair), and pursue your own selfish interests. This is not Political Science, Moral Science, Legal
    Science, Religious Science, or any methodology at all [Apocalypse Now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03JXTuFGYWE, no methodology], so no one should be
    persuaded by you, anymore than they should be persuaded by the mad science of a
    mathematicians saying 2+3=9. No one should listen. And yet the Democrats do not
    have science complete, for it shall never be completed, (unless it is perfected in
    Jesus Christ), and yet they kill.

    So I am merely a Constituent, is true, and we are here to lead others, to the truth, and to serve the truth, and neither rule nor be ruled, is true. But who is
    looking out for the people?

    Actually, to be fair, the Democrats stole the jobs, and the Republicans aren't giving money. So one party kills you, and the other lets you die...
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