• We Have To Figure Correctly How To Spend The Wealth Of Our Nation

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    1. Say Employees own their job, and can't be laid off.
    2. Raise the Minimum Wage.
    3. Extend loans to flailing businesses at a low rate.

    Meanwhile, we have to help people at the very bottom, who make less than $20,000,
    after taxes. They should all get $15,000 in spending money ($1,250 per month), to
    get on their feet.

    This does nothing for millions of starving children, but when you bring 73 million
    children into the equation, you might want to start taxing their parents, who won't have to pay for them anymore.

    I would just go full-on socialism for children $1,250 per month, $15,000, and raise taxes on parents who are now only obligated to provide housing, and make certain their children acquire the things they need to live.

    In regards to the children, given that we won't be able to build the economy on
    the backs of starving children anymore, more will be paid out, than taken in, and
    the "welfare State," thereby expands. While abortions could start to solve the
    problem of overpopulation, I guess that is really where the derision of the welfare state comes in, because so much is spent, and less is saved. Yet for the
    moment, the economy has been growing. Do you think the economy would grow slower?
    Because if not, then who cares? People make something out of something. And if
    they make nothing out of something, they sure make nothing out of nothing. Nepotism - favoritism to your relatives, is unfair. It is unjust.

    Of course $800 Billion per year going to the military, while they destroy the militia, which is our only natural defense. Yet the best defense is a good offense.

    We should also have student loans at the Federal funds rate. (https://tradingeconomics.com/united-states/interest-rate)

    And Credit cards at the Federal Funds rate, plus 8% (Prime plus 5%). (https://institute.jpmorganchase.com/about/our-business/historical-prime-rate)

    We also should ensure everyone can buy a home, rather than rent, real estate:

    1. We should thus have 100% LTV home loans, for Conforming Home Loans ($510,400
    most Counties) (https://www.fhfa.gov/DataTools/Tools/Pages/Conforming-Loan-Limits-Map.aspx).

    2. And no two years income documentation, but just present income, like for a rental lease.

    3. Yet NO changing adjustable payments allowed for this program (or any program
    ideally), only fixed payments.

    Teaser intro rates, (which are generally .5% less than the fixed rate for 5-10 years) must compel the same fixed payment as over the life of the loan. They must
    adjust into fixed rates, which do not adjust for the life of the loan.

    The life of loan payment is easily calculated by calculating a blended rate of the
    teaser and fixed rate, and making a fixed payment which pays down more equity during the initial teaser rate.

    Adjustable rate mortgages didn't exist until 2004, and caused the mortgage meltdown, while if banks want to get out of the fixed rates, they already package
    their outstanding loans into mortgage backed securities and sell them if rates change.

    4. Finally, a 250 year Fixed Loan may be offered, if lower payments are still desired; as this is equivalent to an Interest Only payment.
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