• By Executive Order Of The Governor, All School Tracks Should Be MadeOpen For Jogging During COVID

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    The good high school track near my house says it's closed for COVID, and this apparently makes no sense.

    I have no way to workout if I don't go to a gym. Which are open.

    Hurdles may be placed on the inner lanes if the track administrator fears the inner lanes may be worn down too fast.

    Some people need to exercise to stay healthy. They may be recovering from physical therapy and have more serious health issues which require them to exercise. Health clubs could stay open just for these people. If anyone states
    they have a health condition they can work-out. Then these people would go to an
    empty club and not get COVID, and the club could keep billing everyone, yet give
    the option to suspend dues, not just suspend everybody. Also distancing of stationary equipment is obvious, and a limited number of people in the club, or
    scheduling a work-out time. Also personal trainers and athletes who's job is exercise could possibly be allowed to work-out, just a thought, maybe it's not unfair, maybe they should have their own home gyms, or move gyms outside, whatever, definitely gyms need adequate ventilation and fresh air.
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