• You Have A Right To Congregate - So COVID Prohibitions Should All BeBased On Employee And Consumer Protections

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    You Have A Right To Congregate - So COVID Prohibitions Should All Be Based On Employee And Consumer Protections

    There should be advice at the restaurant, like: "If You Dine Here, You Will Likely
    Get COVID And Die."

    That should be sufficient for Consumer Protections.

    But as to Employee Protections, if you're going to prohibit employees from being
    criminally exploited to self-harm; then you have to protect employees by giving
    them an equal income if their job is stolen by your prohibition. And if you do
    so, then employees can make their own decisions whether to work for the money, or
    not work and take a free hand-out. Waiters and busboys don't produce any equity
    nor build the economy anyway. Their work is non-essential services for your entertainment. So why doesn't everyone switch to "take-out" anyway. If waiters
    and busboys go on spending without working it will not affect the economy.

    Employment is a capital issue, and killing someone off, by laying them off, to save someone else's life, is what you're doing.

    The Restaurant industry employs 10% of the workforce, and 4% of the U.S. GDP, is
    an $899 Billion industry with 15 million workers, including 2.5 million waiters,
    and more busboys.

    People literally die in the gutter in America. It's a imperfect and criminally
    negligent civilization.

    The United States is a crap civilization because it has not lived up to the American dream.

    We're not united when you let people suffer in poverty.

    It's a pretty sad state of affairs.
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