• How Do You Think COVID Is Spreading?

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    How do you think COVID is spreading?:

    Dine-In Restauranting

    Hotels / Casinos / Movies / Museums / Amusement Parks / Entertainment

    We should have a nationwide map, which shows the street of residence of every new
    COVID case, and the suspected mode of transmission. Then you could know how or
    where it was spreading in your community, and better assess which precautions to take.

    Hotels - you check in and the COVID's there, and you check out with COVID. It's
    probably all over the room, if anyone stayed there with COVID. And they had their
    masks off no doubt. When you speak, tiny specks of spit come out of your mouth.
    So if anyone stayed in the hotel room with COVID, it's probably all over the room.

    Likewise, as to Dine-In Restauranting - the last patron spit all over the table,
    do you really think the busboy wiped it down well? Did you see him? Do all these
    people who go out to eat? Did you wipe it yourself? Did other patrons?
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