• The U.S.A Is Supposed To Include All People, All Creeds, And *Not*Have A Bigoted Criminal Justice System!

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    All earthlings have a right to freedom of action. This is a statement of logic,
    fact, and truth.

    Democracy is not the author of the law any more than of mathematics.

    Your country begins with you, and only you can be the foundation of your country.

    You claim the land, and the equal right to govern it, and you encourage all good
    Americans to claim the same.

    You claim to be the head of any government which perpetrates to govern the land,
    and, and you encourage all good Americans to claim the same.

    This is one nation under God, which means one nation under you and me; because we
    are under God, and not under this nation, and I am not under you, and you are not
    under me.

    Freedom is right, and doing something against another's will is wrong. And murder
    is the greatest act against another's will. Violation of another's will is a contradiction, and two wrongs do not make a right. The criminal justice system
    should seek to bring people to redemption and rehabilitation, but this is not possible if it does not seek reconciliation itself. And nothing is possible without equal consumption and education for all.

    We're all supposed to be totally willful, and not jack others. Police and judges
    need to make a living like anyone else. Being criminally exploited, and employed
    to commit self-harm by harming others, which is what harming others is, is wrong.
    A robber can be robbed, and a prison guard can be imprisoned. Employing others to
    do dirty work for you, you wouldn't do yourself, rather than solving the social-problem is wrong. There are some dangerous people out there, who need to
    be addressed, but they don't amount to 85% of those hauled before a a court, yet
    to less than 15%.

    Petty robbery, petty burglary, fruitless grand theft auto, petty shoplifting, these are crimes of desperation. Serial rapists are lunatics counted among the
    15% of the criminals who must be addressed, and grand larceny is the only crime
    that makes logical sense for the non-desperate (then they could hire a whore for
    cripes sake).

    There are 8 million cases of fraud in the U.S. yearly. The average fraud is $130,000. There is $1 Trillion in fraud in the U.S. yearly. Are you going to throw 8 million people in prison every year? https://www.acfe.com/report-to-the-nations/2020/

    Fraud is larceny, not villainy. Cocaine is freedom, if *bad*, for you, not larceny nor *wrong*. To just declare anything a felony, is not okay by any means,
    for the U.S. Criminal Justice system. Though marketing snake oil as a cure for
    cancer is another matter. As marketing drugs as party-fun is wrong.

    Capital crimes are:

    1. Murder
    2. Mayhem
    3. Capital Battery
    4. Capital Kidnapping

    5. Serial Non-Capital Kidnapping
    6. Serial Rapist are sickos not respecting the sovereignty of other's bodies. 7. Serial Extortion of the Same Person

    8. Repeated Abuse of Someone Who Can't Quit You Such as a Dependent

    9. Capital Larceny must be reversed

    While stealing a poor man's horse is capital, and stealing from someone who has
    the same or less than you is immoral, there should be no motivation for petty larceny; and hopefully no motivation for grand larceny?

    Do we just transfer the money back
    Do we just find *answers* to endangerment, menacing harassment, and credible intention of the above.

    Then it questions trespassing without suspicion of larceny nor assault, & simple
    non-menacing harassment.

    It's just crimes against your body and property.

    In the United States all punishment (excepting infractions) is capital punishment.
    It is capital in three ways:
    1. Stealing one's country and having a mark of denigration against one, thus positing a contradiction. While you own America. You are the Patriot. Your Country begins with you. That is an outrage.
    2. Lifelong discrimination against employment and housing.
    3. People will certainly die young in prison, both statistically by risk, and all
    of them actually.

    The U.S.A is supposed to include all people, and not have a bigoted criminal justice system.

    That the United States of America, *is* its Criminal Justice System is not what it
    comes to:

    Thus, we might say:

    Down with the United States Criminal Justice System!
    Up with the United States of America!

    Yet it should be noted, that while the U.S. Constitution states the following:

    "This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding." https://constitution.congress.gov/browse/article-6/clause-2/

    That 90% of the criminal justice, domestic governance, and prison population is
    held by the States:
    Federal Prisoners: 188,400
    Texas Prisoner: 218,500
    California Prisoners: 202,700
    Florida Prisoners: 149,800
    Georgia Prisoners: 91,400
    Pennsylvania Prisoners: 82,400
    New York Prisoners: 74,400
    Ohio Prisoners: 71,000
    Illinois Prisoners: 60,800
    Washington Prisoners: 30,400 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._states_and_territories_by_incarceration_and_correctional_supervision_rate
    Total Prisoners: 2,131,000

    And just a few notes:

    Imposing subjective values onto others is objectively wrong and immoral.

    Profit is more the fruits of capital with a little labor, than the fruits of labor, and we have unequal capital. Passive incomes, and differing hourly wages,
    are quite dubious, and yet we're all equal in Spirit, and Cost, and Expense.

    Assets such as your body, your intelligence, your work experience, your academic
    credentials, your brand, your talent, are assets, in addition to your financial
    asset themselves. That people get to consume more than you, because they're taller than you, and can beat you at basketball, is dubious. And they wouldn't be
    making any money playing basketball in central Africa.

    In every country, dissent is patriotism. Countries would make no progress, nor
    improvements, without dissent. But if you're going to criticize harshly, you have
    an opportunity to lead. The U.S. is all about, and is always with, Reform.

    We deserve a free country, and we've been promised one all along.
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