• The Election Was A Coin Toss With Rampant Fraud On Both Sides

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    It is total hate speech, outrageous and offensive, to compare Patriots to Al Qaeda, a group which committed 911, killed 3,000 people, and destroyed America's
    two most glorious office buildings. Or to compare the capital demonstration to
    Germany's 'night of broken glass,' an event which destroyed 267 Synagogues, and
    7,000 Jewish businesses.

    You do know, there was rampant evidence of fraud in Biden's favor. There was/would be more rampant evidence of fraud in Trump's favor, if they looked for
    it too. The election was a coin toss. Biden won the coin toss. He had better
    fraudsters. Trump's supporters have every right to riot in the capital, and I couldn't care less about a few broken windows. The taxpayers can pay for it, we
    can afford that. Let them riot, push them out with police, rebuke them if you like, without too much hate speech, unlike Biden, and carry on. But when you penalize them, you commit a capital and serious crime against America.

    Black Lives Matter tear down statues. Trump's supporters took pictures with statues. There's a difference. Even that "stolen" lectern was merely moved across the capital.

    Trump's supporters destruction of property was barely malicious in a few tiny places. They are patriots, not enemies. They can't change who won the election.
    But they do have a right to make their voice heard.

    Using penalties against them justifies their violence in return. And the F.B.I.
    is now predicting violence. Because no one, not Biden, not Nancy Pelosi, has reconciled, and brought the country to unity.

    Shame on you, Democrats!

    But the solution would have been to have Democrats affirming the activities, with
    Republicans rebuking them.

    Making war, out of politics instead of enrichment and intelligence out of politics, has always been the problem.
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