• Capital Demonstration Was Pre-Planned Activity

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    "Ali Abdul-Razaq Ali, 35, is a far-right activist who who goes by Ali Alexander.
    He identifies as black and Arab, according to Politico.

    He helped organize 'Stop the Steal' movement, which oppose Joe Biden's election
    win and is pushing to prove that President Donald Trump won reelection on November 3.

    Ali also takes responsibility for organizing the January 6 rally that convened outside the Capitol before it was stormed by thousands of pro-Trump protesters. He
    said in a live-streamed video that GOP Representatives Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs and
    Mo Brooks assisted with the effort to disrupt the join session of Congress moving
    to certify the Electoral College results for Biden.

    'I want to let you guys know how we're responding because I was the person who came up with the January 6 idea with Congressman Gosar, Congressman Mo Brooks and
    then Congressman Andy Biggs,' Ali said in the now-deleted video.

    'We four schemed up of putting maximum pressure on Congress while they were voting
    so that who we couldn't lobby, we could change the hearts and the minds of Republicans who were in that body hearing our loud roar from outside,' he continued."

    ..."it appeared the Republicans had shown groups of around the Capitol before the
    riots and there were fears that the visitors had been 'casing the joint,' saying
    the groups involved 'handfuls' of people and were not 'one-on-one or small family'

    Ryan spoke after mounting claims from Democrats of the MAGA rioters having assistance from inside the House, with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saying she feared
    for her left, and Mikie Sherrill saying she witnessed GOP members giving 'tours.'

    And it was also revealed that a pro-Trump activist, Ali Alexander, claimed he was
    assisted by three GOP representatives to help organize the January 6 assault on
    the Capitol.

    Alexander told his followers on Periscope late last month that Republican Representatives Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs of Arizona and Representative Mo Brooks
    of Alabama were planning something big."

    You can see here how they broke through from multiple sides:


    which is more evidence that it was a planned conspiracy.

    But if so, then who else was in on it? How many people?

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