• Trump Vs. Biden Could Come Down To The Economy Vs. Social Programs

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    A good economy and a ridiculous plutocrat who apparently doesn't care about people
    = Trump
    Social programs such as health care for all, and 4 more years of the same lousy
    economy the Obama and Bush Administrations gave us = Biden

    Reagan, Clinton, Trump, understand the economy.

    Bush, Bush, Obama, and probably Biden, don't.

    Trump brags about how we're beating Coronavirus - which so far we're patently not,
    how he's gutted Obamacare - which he hasn't.
    How he's built a wall, - which is useless,
    and what does it really come down to? His Economy.
    Obama did what for us? Got us the Social program of healthcare for all.

    The president's activities amount to nothing unless they help people. Trump gave
    us an economy, Obama gave us healthcare. There is no possibility of doing something, by not doing something. That would come down to "that government is
    best which governs least." I suppose the sayer of that statement, meant "kills
    least" by the words "governs least."

    What can and does the President do?

    Unless it helps people, it doesn't matter nor amount to anything.
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