• How Can Kamala Be Around Biden, After She's Been Exposed To Pence?

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    VP Debate Should Be On Zoom, Experts Say, Calling Plexiglass 'Infection Prevention
    Theater' 11:41 AM PDT

    "Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris of California will face off on a
    stage in Salt Lake City, seated more than 12 feet apart and separated by plexiglass barriers.

    "But infection prevention experts say the plans remain strikingly inadequate. Angela Rasmussen, a virologist and associate research scientist at the Center of
    Infection and Immunity at the Columbia University School of Public Health, suggests that it’s tough to fully capture in words what she felt upon learning of
    the safety protocol. “I laughed, in a hopeless, bitter, heartbroken way,” says
    Rasmussen. “In other words, LOLSOB.”

    "Saskia Popescu, an infection prevention specialist at George Mason University,
    felt similarly dismayed.

    "... Yahoo Life Medical Contributor Dr. Dara Kass...
    "...says the fact that he has tested negative in the days since Trump’s diagnosis
    doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t carrying the virus — hence the CDC’s recommendation to quarantine for two weeks. “There is literally no evidence to
    support ending quarantine with negative tests,” says Kass. “And what we’re
    watching happen over and over again from people in the White House is that you will test negative, and then the next day you will test positive.”

    "Kass worries about the potential implications of Pence’s decision... "...“I mean, why would anybody in America who has been exposed to COVID quarantine
    now if the head of the COVID task force won’t do it?”


    I would just point out, Pence went out out to eat, misleading people into thinking
    this is a good idea. As much as one may or may not condone, any government restrictions, it's like cigarettes are a real bad thing right?

    How can Kamala be around Biden, after she's been exposed to Pence?
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