• Church Or No Church, You Have A Right To Congregate In A Group

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    Church is not commerce, and the government has no rights, nor authority, over non-commercial activities; that do not violate others.

    You have a right to action.

    You have a right to drive dangerously on private property, if not violating others. Any infringements to the contrary are against the law, and are a crime,
    hereby declared.

    You have a right to make a new friend, and hug and more, regardless of the Government's orders. How would you meet a Spouse?

    Do children have a right to go to an unregulated Church? Are they wilful participants? Do they have the intelligence to make a choice about something more
    serious than sex, which could take their lives?

    Do children belong to society, and not to their parents alone? That ageism is a
    crime, and children are sovereign agents, probably ought to have been recognized
    long ago. Are we going to recognize it immediately?

    You don't have a right to violate social distancing nor mask wearing towards those
    who are not willfully wanting you to come near them or not wear a mask around them.

    The above is the dictates of logic and reason to the law, as far as I can see. Any
    lies by any governments to the contrary notwithstanding. The law should be clear
    and simple and comprehensible, both in its existence, and in its reasons.
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