• Biden's Going To Win, And Be A Greater Criminal Than Trump

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    "that government is best which governs least" = "that government is best which kills least."

    Trump didn't kill anyone. Trump didn't steal anyone's jobs. Trump just didn't save anyone, and then he said Coronavirus wasn't a danger, which is bull.

    Biden better get some economic advisors, the like's Bill Clinton, and Biden better
    not violate human rights,

    Because both Barrack Obama, and George Bush Jr., gave us miserable economies. And
    both Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton, violated human rights in ways that made no
    sense and were not constructive. We do have a right to bear arms. And we do have
    a right to free speech, including to threaten the government, including Barrack
    Obama, and we do have a right to activity. And any attempt to test these rights
    in a Court of law is an abject murder crime against humanity. Absolute recognition of these rights, is absolutely demanded 100% immediately.

    Socialism in the United States, better follow Libertarianism in private activities, rather than the likes of Red China, and the U.S.S.R., who even themselves betrayed their revolutionaries who declared "no victim, no crime."

    We are not criminals. We are born right, and we are born free. The government is
    a criminal, and an abject murderer, is a true fact, and Biden's only going to make
    matters worse if he doesn't check himself on these issues big time. Backpage is
    not a criminal.
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