• Re: we shouldn't have male circumcision nor mutilation ofhermaphrodites

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    On 10/18/20 6:04 PM, Guy wrote:
    Intersex is as common as red hair

    Someone may be 70% female, and assigned male at birth, or 70% male, and assigned female at birth.  If they are mutilated, this is wrong.

    All homosexuals may be intersex.

    While other people may just like to dress up as Superman and have sex
    with consenting goats

    5 types of crossdressers:
    Drag Queens: gay men who wear exaggerated femininity with beards
    Fetish: someone thinks it's erotic to wear girls underwear as a male Transgender: opposite gender on the inside, may not necessarily be very sexual at all
    Fashion: Such as Brolitta; "a brolitta proposes to his lolita," this is fashion, not fetish; like men who wear earrings or have long hair; some
    men take it all the way: if it were transgender it would say "a lolita proposes to her lolita."
    Cosplay: you're male and want to dress up like Wonderwoman, or your
    female and want to dress up like Superman.

    There may be others, that's just all I've identified, in my limited

    No, I'm not gay nor transgender.  My body is 100% male, but my mind is transcendent.  I don't believe we have to be defined by our gender.  The naked female vs. the naked male body is not much different.  Tits vs.
    Pecs, and everyone has a crotch.  And no, I don't dress up like Superman
    and have sex with consenting goats.

    this is my first time hearing the term brolita i love it

    im trans and i agree with you basically
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