• Let's compare Trump's economy to other presidents

    From is this the 'curve' he talks about?@januarybaybee@gmail.com to nyc.politics on Thu Oct 29 15:49:09 2020
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    Looks like the "curve" he talks about is the one that took a turn directly into the dumpster.
    Too bad he didn't link the Covid crisis to the economy. And now he's got nothing to brag about - at least not too brighter voters.
    Up until 2020, President Trump’s first term was characterized by solid job growth, but then the pandemic wiped out about 15% of American jobs in just two months. Since May, the economy has recovered only about half those jobs, and Trump is heading into the election with the worst job losses on record under any president.
    In contrast, at this point in Obama’s presidency, the job market was up 0.4%. He took office at a time when employers were cutting hundreds of thousands of jobs a month. Hiring kicked into higher gear later in his presidency.
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