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    THE VIGIL is a horror film in a Jewish Hasidic setting. The
    "vigil" of the title is not the sitting shiva after a Jewish
    funeral, but sitting with the body before the funeral, as tradition
    demands the body never be left alone. THE VIGIL seems to crank up
    the supernatural aspect of the "shomer", tying it specifically to
    protecting the body from demons.

    There are some interesting touches. For example, the main
    character is attending an ex-Hasidic support group, and there are
    many Jewish references in the set design, which is rich rather than

    The film's style seems inspired by Darren Aronofsky and (less
    likely) Guy Maddin. But the story is still basically a ghost
    story, and while it is atmospheric and effective, it does not go
    much further than other horror films.

    One problem is that the subtitles for the Yiddish dialogue are in
    fairly small print. Another is the loud and strident score and
    sound design.

    Released 02/26/21. Rating: low 0 (-4 to +4)

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    Mark R. Leeper and Evelyn C. Leeper
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