• Ammenite (the paleontologist's lesbian lover)

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    I see I correctly nailed it to a -T, while watching, for mid-19th. c.,
    where set placement is accorded 1840s' "Pearl of Dorset", Lyme Bay on
    the English Channel coast at the Dorset–Devon border.

    Yesterday, close enough, the Vatican released judgment to the world
    news which cannot condone the sin of homosexuality.

    Interesting, indeed, how time came to be for having picked that up, unbeknownst, be assured, for a beefily and entirely unexpected
    demeanor of Kate Winslet, expressively downplayed as suited to fit
    British drama, right downfully bully for a down-to-earth woman with an
    abrasive character of practising paleontologist;- she neither has
    qualms concerning her status nor allusions to her lowly upbringing,
    from only two survivors of her companion and mother's birthing of
    eight additional siblings dead and buried.

    To, by now, establish quite a slippery tightrope for an ending, in a
    blink of eye, to catch where I'd just about given up on any redemptive
    meaning to either woman amply having just slobbered hungrily all over
    and atop or down and between one another's privates;- but for a single
    last look into one another's eyes, before all went black into
    production credits, appropriately over the skeletal remains mounted in
    a glass cage in a London conservatory, placed between the two women of meaningfulness, wherein presumably still would reside the
    fishing-eating ichthyosaur denizen one Mary Anning's discovered to
    wrest from the aforesaid cliffs of Dorset.

    Like much else, stylistically, it's intuitively not about thrashing
    with dialogue. English rather genteel if not belabored Victorian;-
    almost quite smashing for being of impeccable certainty, given two
    pure pros going at it with one another.

    Less than that extra .5 averaged rating is generosity otherwise for unadulterated slackers wanking: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7983894/
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