• Papusza (Gypsy Doll)

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    The Pa pu-sza

    of Bronislawa Wajs is in reaction to the Prince of Darkness, already
    noted from Tolstoi's obvious but deplorable drinking affairs with
    campfire gypsy women, much to the chagrin of the Antichrist, who
    descended, dressed in Greek Donastic fashion, upon Poland to visit the
    Goy Spirit of Jerzy Ficowski and subjugated upon so impressionable a
    vassal further indignities of common women listening to the Serpent
    dwelling at the base of the Tree of Aryan denunciation;- In
    condemnation and decree, henceforth she be exiled, laid lowly
    destitute, forever forlorn to count each day with only her divisively
    forked tongue left, in having lead astray the neoplatonistic tribal
    revelations of mystic wanderers she had so laconically betrayed.


    Indians, so it would appear, as they somehow wandered off into as much
    a cultist fashion, to speak in fashion the Romany of conjunctively
    dialectic Western Slavic and Polish.
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