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    Mouthy attitude and action driven slob rip from Tom Cruise and Edge of Tomorrow. Actually, Mel's endorsement and welcome support,
    signaturary to a minor but sincere role, nice bear and looking good,
    but it's the action younger guy who makes it work for what it is.

    He's not quite as good for attitude as the scifi rescue of the
    president's daughter on an orbital prison, as much scripting
    fast-liners for wiseasses, nor of course near as slick as Cruise for
    the cross-over plot where science is about as far as getting killed
    everyday, for the repeat time-dimension onto Groundhog Day, except
    instead kicking people's asses repeatedly everyday on Sunday up around
    their iconic ears.

    For getting the idea it's funnier than most;- but you knew that Mel's
    not going to step up for just any average slob.
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